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Just Culture Model and its Impact on Patient Safety as Part of the Roles of Clinic Nurse Specialist - Research Paper Example

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Just Culture Model and its Impact on Patient Safety as Part of the Roles of Clinical Nurse Specialist Name University Professor Course Date ABSTRACT The demand in the healthcare sector is increasing as people need health assistance for survival. The increase in demand shows that improvements must also be done to boost the health support to patients…
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Just Culture Model and its Impact on Patient Safety as Part of the Roles of Clinic Nurse Specialist
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Extract of sample "Just Culture Model and its Impact on Patient Safety as Part of the Roles of Clinic Nurse Specialist"

Download file to see previous pages For nurses, they may also expand their knowledge by studying further and advance their career into clinical nurse specialists which may give them the chance to work at the management level in the clinical setting. They would have the knowledge on the healthcare systems and find ways on how to improve the efficiency of the healthcare organization through policies and culture that caters the growth and learning of the staff nurses. To improve the competencies of the clinical nurse specialists, just culture model may be used as framework. It gives importance to patient safety and increase in accountability among members of the healthcare organization. Just Culture Model and its Impact on Patient Safety as part of the Roles of Clinical Nurse Specialist Introduction The healthcare sector has been growing as the demands for health assistance is increasing. It is the sector that will never die out as people need the basic services or even the sophisticated care in that area for survival and to prolong life. People need health assistance when they are sick, injured or weakened. The need for healthcare has also been growing due to its primary importance to human survival. Whenever people get sick, they visit the hospital to get solutions for their health problems. Care is also provided in the hospital for patients with aggravated situations and helps them to recover. When people are sick, they are very fragile as their bodies are weakened. They need the support to totally bring back their healthy bodies. In the search for health assistance, various health staffs are prepared to assist the patients with their specific needs. From food intake to drug administration, the healthcare staffs are there to assist them. The professionals that assist the patients usually require long and intense training and license before they can perform their tasks to care for the patients. One of those health professionals is the nurse. Nurses have been important as they assist the doctors in the medical field to provide health assistance to patients in hospitals, at home or in the community. They are entrusted to help in the health restoration of the patients from their current weak condition to a healthy one. Nurses then may work on their own as they specialize on various roles or take part in a group in planning and evaluating the health care performance. They also attend trainings to further enhance their knowledge and skills to better support the health needs of the patients (Smith, 2004, p. 3). They are also updated with the current breakthroughs in their field of career through scholarly journals. Nurses may opt to specialize further through studies and further trainings to become clinical nurse specialists. As clinical nurse specialists (CNS), they must have more than the undergraduate degree in nursing and the education must be provided by accredited CNS institutions (Callara, 2008, p. 57). They are highly specialized to cater the specific needs of the patients that may depend upon the kind of diseases or illnesses the patients have. The CNS may also work on hospitals, houses, communities or specific units of the hospital such as emergency room and operating room. They also assist in surgeries or clinical procedures (Dreher et al., 2011, p. 78). In general, there are five duties each CNS may do like hospital work, management, education and instruction, research and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Just Culture Model and Its Impact on Patient Safety As Part of the Research Paper.
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