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Ayurvedic Medicine Used as Alternative Therapy in Modern Medicine - Essay Example

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Ayurvedic Medicine Used As Alternative Therapy in Modern Medicine Name: Instructor: Institution: Ayurvedic Medicine Used As Alternative Therapy in Modern Medicine Ayurvedic medicine is herb which was used mostly by the Hinduism and the Buddhism during 1500 years BC as stated in Gregory (2004)…
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Ayurvedic Medicine Used as Alternative Therapy in Modern Medicine
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Download file to see previous pages This was traditional medicine to treat fever, cough and diarrhea. People were encouraged to suppress natural urges which was considered as unhealthy by moderating the amount and quantity of food intake, sleep and sexual intercourses to ensure healthy body at all times. Gregory (2004) states that alternative medicine refers to treatment of diseases using methods such as massage therapy or herbal use. This practice is being highly appreciated by learning institutions who teach about it. Importance Frawley and Ranade (2001) states that herbal method as one of the alternative method has been well embraced by many communities in the world hence rendering the use of Ayurvedic medicine easy and of great importance. People consider this method efficient since it is less costly and also has few side effects. This method also have seem to treat a variety of diseases which lead people to prefer using it since he will only require one drug to heal so many diseases. This alternative is readily available since most of these herbs are found free of charge in the forests and other bushy areas within the society. This method has been considered to be less demanding because it does not require highly qualified personnel to administer the medicine. This method is also effective since it is not selective with the age bracket hence can be used by all people within the community. Unlike the artificial drugs these medicines do not lead to very adverse side effects. It does not have the time limits hence one can use it as long as he wants. This therapeutic method is easily acceptable to be used by people because it is mostly orally administered which is the most preferred method. This method can not react while using other methods hence gives it another advantage of it to be considered above the other method. This method is reliable since one can get it from various places. Frawley and Ranade (2001) argues that this method is used even by the illiterate people in the society since the instructions given are clear and simple to be understood hence very low cases of overdosing. Since this method is given by people who are locals in the community the patients respect the instructions given no deviations since there is sense of belonging. At times there is reinforcement of this method by the religious people and other important people in the society hence the patients look forward to embrace this method to the fullest. Lad (2012) says that Ayurvedic medicine does not demand one to go to hospital for the treatment he can get the treatment while at home. Diagnosis According to Lad (2012) the patient who was recommended for use of this drug was to be carefully examined and undergo through various diagnosis procedures using all body senses by the health profession administering the drug; since each component of the body had the ability to influence others either negatively or positively. This aspect was to be carefully considered during the drug diagnosis and therapy. Various things were to be checked such as the body composition, any disorder, body stability and all other body systemic functions. The systemic composition and functioning was checked so that to prevent any adverse side effect that would arise while on medication. The body was to be considered compatible to the drug for one to be in a position to use the drug. There were various criteria that were ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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