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The effects of coaching on nurse turnover - Research Paper Example

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The paper will present the proposed study’s statement of research and research design. Shortage of personnel has been a ‘long-term’ problem in the nursing profession with no apparently identified solution. The nursing profession remains one of the most admirable and competitive courses in the academic institution…
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The effects of coaching on nurse turnover
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Download file to see previous pages The wide scope of data collection through triangulation will on the other hand ensure reliability of results and conclusion of the research. The hypothesis is important because it will facilitate evaluation of the research question to determine whether coaching that is offered to nurses has an impact on their probability of leaving the profession. The research issue, relationship between nurses’ turnover and coaching is on the other hand important because it will help in evaluating coaching as a possible solution to nurse mobility and shortage. The research therefore has a potential of presenting a solution to the crisis in the nursing profession. Research design This section discusses the research approach and designs to be adopted. It defines the proposed approach together with its associated advantages and disadvantages. It also offers an overview of the design to be adopted and a comparison with alternative designs besides describing the procedure for the research study. Research approach The research will apply quantitative approach in its methods. This is because the nature of data to be collected as well as the research question to be answered suits the quantitative approach. Quantitative research for example allows for test of hypothesis besides evaluation of quantifiable variables. Quantitative research approach has a number of advantages. It for example, when properly undertaken, guarantees reliability of the results and hence conclusions. This is because of its application of statistical tools in analysis to express the true features of the collected data. The analysis in quantitative approach is therefore free from manipulation based on the researcher’s attitudes and...
The main aim of the study is the determination of existence of a significant relationship between coaching of nursing personnel and the turnover rate. In order to achieve this, the study intends to collect both primary and secondary data over participants’ perception on the two variables. While secondary data will be sought from existing publications, primary data will be obtained through designed questionnaires to be administered to sampled participants. The research will further use randomised design in sampling to minimize chances of biasness for reliability. Similarly, triangulation of data will be developed through selecting different cohorts of respondents that will include trainees, trainers, and different subsets of registered nurses. Data in the two variables will be collected in numeric scale with coaching being measured in terms of effectiveness and mobility being measured in terms of probability. The results will then be analyzed to evaluate existence of a relationship to answer the research question. Based on the result, the study will recommend necessary measures towards finding a solution for the highly reported turnover rates. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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