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Obesity Epidemic in America Name Tutor Course Date Abstract This paper analyzes the obesity epidemic in the United States. It is apparent that rate of obesity has significantly increased with time, and it affects all population groups, including children, adolescents and adults…
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Obesity Epidemic in America
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Download file to see previous pages The causative factors of obesity are, lifestyles, eating habits, genes, workplace conditions, hormonal metabolic factors and recreational practices. Consequences of obesity include ailments, mental and emotional disorders, negative psychological outcomes, and hinders individuals’ performance. Obesity prevalence varies significantly across ethnic and racial disparities as well as socioeconomic status in the American population. In conclusion, obesity can be alleviated using pharmacological intervention, energy variation, public education, behavioral therapy, community-based initiatives and political-oriented solution. Introduction Obesity, weight gained or overweight has remained a contingent issue for a considerable time in health care, among scholars, the US Government as well as the community at large. Obesity is one of the most prevalent health care issues, which is causing worries in the United States. Obesity rates have relatively amplified over the years with its effects experienced in various population groups, and states. To offset the ever-increasing rates of obesity, it is important to evaluate the causes and effects of obesity in the American population. In view of this, obesity is associated with a number of negative physical and psychological consequences. It is attributable to several diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, depression, psychological disorders including withdrawal syndrome, and overall personal degradation. On the other hand, obesity is caused by a range of factors, which include eating habit, sedentary work, genetics, inert recreation and individuals lifestyle just to mention but a few. In this paper, obesity is analyzed at length with respect to its prevalence, causes, consequences, and ways of solving the epidemic. Prevalence Several researches conducted on the prevalence of obesity in America indicate that the rates at which individuals are becoming overweight are ever increasing. In the period between 1986 and 2000, severe obesity prevalence shifted to the proportion of 1 in 50 Americans from former status of 1 in 200. Besides, extreme obesity has greatly increased at an approximate rate of twenty percent in adults. Decades ago, obesity was a significant health issue among adults, but the situation has changed with time to include adolescents and children. Recent researches reveal that fifteen to twenty five percent of adolescents and children in America are obese with about nine million children aged above six years being obese. According to CDC’s data and statistics on obesity in America, obesity has dramatically increased over the past twenty years and rates remain high. In 2010, state based obesity prevalence ranged from twenty-one percent to thirty four percent in Colorado and Mississippi respectively. All states had obesity prevalence above twenty percent. Thirty six states had twenty five percent or more prevalence with states such Arkansas, Missouri, Louisiana Michigan, Kentucky, and Oklahoma having thirty percent or more prevalence. Regional prevalence was a follows; South 29.4 %, Northeast 24.9 %, Midwest 28.7 % and West 24.1 % (CDC, 2012). The findings of the analysis conducted, in 2009-2010 in the US indicate that, approximately forty-one million women and over thirty-seven million men aged twenty years and above were obese. Amidst children and adolescents aged two-nineteen years, about seven million boys and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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