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Ethical Issues in Resource Allocation - Term Paper Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Ethical Issues in Resource Allocation A Cost Effective Analysis (CEA) is used whenever treating different individuals because of the concerns of the equity in different people. CEA is not objectionable when it is being used only for the evaluation alternative…
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Ethical Issues in Resource Allocation
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Download file to see previous pages 45). During the resource allocation in medical assistance, we should be able to satisfy two main ethical criteria. I should be able to be cost effective to the limited resources that are used in the health care facility where I will make sure that I am able to utilize the available resources to maximize the health benefits of the patients that I serve. By using the cost effectiveness analysis of the available alternative health intervention measures, I should be able to consider the respective costs and benefits to determine the efficiency of these intervention measures. The ethical issue here is deciding whether, after I take such considerations in to account, I will be able to give the same quantity of the health benefits in the future. I will manage to use the CEA to be able to analyze the benefits of using such interventions and be able to help the patients in the future. An outstanding example is where I have to decide on using a program that might save one hundred people now or decide on another that will help save two hundred people at a later date. The second program will save a lot of people, but on applying a three percent discount rate to the lives that will be saved in the future; they will be an equivalent to 78 of the lives that can be saved at the moment. Hence, I will choose to use the first program that will save the one hundred people at the moment (George 56). The ethical requirements are like expectations which I am supposed to achieve on a regular basis in this profession. I have to use the ethical principles to depict the greatest moral standards and behavior in the health care profession. Whenever I face any form of ethical dilemma, I always find a method to enable me to consult and get guidance from the people who work with me. They have guided me into being able to develop my professional skills in the health care sector. I have managed to create healthy relationships with my patients that are therapeutic in nature. The medic assistant needs to follow the ethical conduct regulations in order to become a successful professional in the health care sector. He /she has to work with other health care service providers in order to be able to treat and provide quality health care services to patients. Medical assistants are required to have good, quality and moral values that will oversee the values succeeding in the health care sector. Some of the moral values that I have had to use included the following: first of all, I have had to take my primary responsibility to being the health, welfare, safety, and the dignity of all the patients whom I help. Secondly, I have had to promote and appreciate the diversity value. Thirdly, I have had to treat every person that seeks the health care attention equally without having to be bias to anyone. This has helped foster my dignity, and it has created a level of trust in my patients. Fourthly, I have had to create and uphold my levels of confidence in the course of health care provision and all that pertains to the practice. Fifthly, I have had to assess my personal ability and any kind of limitations; by doing this, I see where I make mistakes and am able to correct these mistakes and change for the better. Sixthly, I have been able to add the level of my knowhow and practicing skills so that I will be able to create and achieve all forms of health care practices. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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