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POSTER / VISUAL PRESENTATION Student Number Faculty Lecturer Name May 31, 2015 The Identified Health Inclusion Issue Nursing is a vast and vociferous field whose perpetual importance is indisputable. For this reason, it is important to realize that there are gargantuan amounts of health inclusion issues that arise in the nursing profession for which nurses have to constantly deal with…
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Poster / Visual Presentation
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Download file to see previous pages It is vital todeliberate on assistive approaches that learning disability nurses are required to apply when dealing with adults who are slow in grasping important life skills mainly due to challenges in their physical, medical or social-psychological issues. Additionally, it is also important to note that while dealing with these adults, various challenges are bound to occur. Access to medial healthcare: In this poster, there are various facets that emanate and are evidential for which the public needs to know and be educated concerning. To start with, persons with any form of disability have a right to medical care. Therefore, a constant medical check-up is paramount to ascertain their health condition is upbeat. A sluggish or brisk behavioural change in people with physical, mental and/ or socio-psychological is an occurrence that needs consideration and education to the public at large. Learning disability and love: There is no single human being that does not have an inborn urge to be loved and thus inclusion of members of the society by provision of necessary support is tantamount for an all-round social setting. It is important to educate the community on various behavioural changes and challenges that they are bound to encounter while associating with learning disability persons. This category of people is more likely to get easily irritated as they see others looking down on them. Relevance of topic to learning disability nurse Learning disability persons and segregation: When some members of the community find that, there is a retarded person in their neighbourhood, they are more likely to segregate that family and thus depriving that family the much-needed moral support (Wadsworth et al. 2007; Regmi, Naidoo and Regmi 2009). Learning disability nurses have the role of educating the parents as well as the public within the area on this matter and train them on what support they can offer to the individual and family as a whole to avert stigmatization (Purnell 2008). Learning disability persons and violence: Due to potential of this category of persons becoming relatively violent due to notion of segregation, the learning disability nurses therefore need to realise and act accordingly to contain such irritation. On the top right of the poster is a portrait of a nurse who was bitten by an irate individual with learning disability following a brief confrontation and such incidences may be inevitable and might arouse exasperation in health professions leading to negligence by these learning disability professionals as evidenced on the bottom left portrait on the poster. Learning Disability and inclusion: For close to a quarter of a century, UK has seen a gradual but steady rise in poverty level that doubled as of mid-1990s (Purnell 2008) accounting for about 600,000 poverty-stricken families. Of this, 200,000 were families that had their parents possessing some form of disability (Purnell 2008). This gives learning disability nurses a clue of the weight of the issue and devotion it needs by applying necessary skills and tools to avert this trend by empowering people with learning disability. Health Inclusion Issues and Health Promotion Roles Access to proper healthcare and Mental Capacity Act: “Traditional theories in addition to emerging theories” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Poster / Visual Presentation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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