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High Blood Pressure Measurement - Essay Example

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High Blood Pressure Measurement Name Instructor Introduction Blood pressure measurement is among the most important and commonly performed office tests; however, man people tend to undervalue the importance of the test. As a matter of fact, the according to Geddes and Newberg (1992) nearly 45% of adults tend to have high blood pressure without their knowledge…
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High Blood Pressure Measurement
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Download file to see previous pages As a matter of fact, the procedure only requires normal stethoscope or transducer that serves to detect the Korotkoff sounds and then transfers them to the ear. The sounds tend to emanate from the collapsing motion of the walls of the arteries. This implies that so long as one has good hearing ability and high level of attention, the experiment can be simply conducted in an ordinary setting. Procedure In this experiment, a student was selected at random from a group of students. In the selection, weight of the individual was taken into account owing to the fact that weight of an individual has effect on the heart beat rate. In this particular experiment, the student was 85 kg with no record of hypertension. The subject was made to lay straight on a clinical bed for five minutes before the first reading was taken. She then was made to undergo four sessions of resistance exercises at varying intensities ranging from 20%, 40%, 60%, and 80%. At 20% exercise intensity, the subject was made to simple tasks that mainly involve the legs. The subsequent exercises involved a combination of legs and the upper body parts. The blood pressure and the heart rate in terms of diastolic and systolic compressions were then monitored after 30 minutes of rest. Ordinary clinical stethoscope and the upper arm blood pressure cuff were used for measuring heart rate and blood pressure. Each of the result for each experiment was then tabulated in a graph as provided below. In order to eliminate any chances of external interference, the subject was made to sit at a resting position before taking the readings. The room was also maintained at room temperature of between 25.5 +1.5 oC. Results In the experiment, the initial reading of the subject’s blood pressure was recorded as 120/90 whereas the heart rate was 66 beats per minute. Subsequently, the blood pressure rose with the increasing intensity of the exercise. As shown in the graph, the first reading was at 20% intensity level at which the subject’s blood pressure was recorded as 140/90. Subsequently, at 40% intensity, the subject’s diastolic pressure level rose to 130 while the systolic pressure remained 90. At 60% intensity, the subject’s diastolic and systolic pressure further went up to 150/100. With further increase in the intensity of the exercise as scheduled, her blood pressure went down to 120/90. Discussion The results of this report indicate that in the three conditions, that is, at rest, during exercise and during recovery from maximal exercise, there is usually a fluctuation of the blood pressure as well as the heart rate. The Systolic blood pressure during recovery was slightly higher than at rest before exercise. Moreover, with the increasing intensity of the exercise that subject went through, there was a huge change in the blood pressure up to a certain level. According to Cornelissen, Aubert and Fagard (2010), an acute bout of exercise tend to elicit a number of temporary physiological responses. Similarly, with the accumulation of bouts of exercises, there is a production of permanent chronic adaptations that may be termed as exercise training response. Shiotani (2009) presents that exercise or training can induce chances in blood pressure. However, the changes may vary according to conditions and measurement procedures. As for this experiment, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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