Parents and their Children Who Suffer from Obesity - Essay Example

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Lesson Plan Customer Inserts His/Her Name Customer Inserts Grade Course Customer Inserts 12th April, 2012 Overview This essay looks into the study of obesity by parents and their children who suffer from obesity. The setting of the study was done at a community level whereby these parents and their children are exposed to obesity…
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Parents and their Children Who Suffer from Obesity
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Lesson Plan Inserts His/Her Inserts Grade Inserts 12th April, Overview This essay looks into the study of obesity by parents and their children who suffer from obesity. The setting of the study was done at a community level whereby these parents and their children are exposed to obesity. The main learners of this evaluation plan are parents who their children suffer from obesity or are at a risk of being obese. Moreover, policy makers such as the State and interested parties as health organizations or insurance firms could also learn from this lesson plan. The study was set on an open session whereby interested people came together to form a consultative forum to tackle the issue of rising obesity numbers among the youth. The topic of the lesson plan is tackling obesity at a community level. Lessons There are several lessons to be learnt from the student learning as the study is conducted on the students. During the implementation of the lesson plan, students’ learning that occurs comes from observations. In this case, most of the students involved in the study will undergo observation as part of ensuring that the lesson plan is well assessed. The best way of knowing that the lesson plan has been well implemented is when we find out on the implementation of the working plan through observation (Gilbert, 2011). Observation is effective in monitoring the behaviour of obese children and their parents in relation to undertaking the lesson plan. Observation is an easy measured task that can be undertaken during the interaction or lesson plans. Observation would be ideal since it good for analysis on progress undertaken on the lesson plan. For instance, in the physical activity lesson using observation would be easy in motoring children’s activities. Another important method of finding out that the lesson plans by the children are working well is through the use of interviews and questionnaires. Through the use of interviews, teachers can easily get to inquire on the lessons learnt by different children. Interviews can be structured in a way that certain aspects of the lessons plans are inquired (Gagliardi, 2006). Moreover, making use of questionnaires is prudent in getting information from the different children. The use of interviews and questionnaires gauges on the knowledge learnt by the children and also on the areas that need more lessons (Bensley, 2008). Objectives The learning objectives of the group in the community obesity program were cognitive, affective and psychomotor objectives. Under the cognitive objective we take a look at the current trends that contribute to obesity in the society. Another important aspect to be looked at under the cognitive objective is whether a national diet plan offered in schools is important in tackling obesity. Most of these objectives are geared towards learning the aspects of obesity and how obesity affects the community (Gagliardi, 2006). Looking at cognitive objective a test question will be structured to question the importance of admitting the problem of obesity by the victim as the first step of tackling obesity. Under affective objective, parents of obese children should find out how their children cope with normal daily routines such as interacting in school (Gilbert, 2011). Moreover, the parents should also find out and come with physical activity plans that suite their obese children. The affective objective in most cases is usually tied to the other factors such as the psychomotor objective. Cognitive and affective objectives go hand in hand in ensuring that the victims are accorded the best solutions in tackling their problems. These objectives also compliment other objectives such as the affective objective (Bensley, 2008). The best way of finding out that the objectives of the lesson plan have been learnt is through analysis. This can be done by use of questionnaires which test the knowledge of the students. Questionnaire: Two test questions will be asked to examine the effectives and objectives implementation of the lesson plan as listed below: a) Has the lesson plan been effective in helping you tackle obesity? Yes No Explain ____________________________________________________ b) Which of the following forms of communication was effective in achieving the lesson plan’s objectives? Internet/Computer Sharing Experiences Lectures Physical Activities/Events c) Which areas of the lesson plan have been difficult to implement and why? Explain ____________________________________________________ The main reason of formulating the above questions is based on the fact that they try to find out if the objectives of lesson plan are understood. These questions will enable the stakeholders to gauge the effectiveness of the lesson plans in meeting the objectives. The main objectives of the of the lesson plan are questioned by the above questions. The questions are justified in that they meet the objectives set out in the lesson plan (Bensley, 2008). References Bensley, R. & Brookins-Fisher, J. (2008). Community Health Education Methods: A Practical Guide. New York, NY: Routledge. Gagliardi, L. (2006). Health education: lesson planning and implementation. Chicago, IL: John Wiley and Sons. Gilbert, G., Sawyer, R. & McNeill, B. (2011). Health Education: Creating Strategies for School and Community Health. Boston, MA: McGraw Hill. Read More
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