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Maternal Death - Research Paper Example

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Maternal Death.
There are two categories of maternal death, namely the direct and the indirect maternal deaths. Direct maternal death is caused by a complication of pregnancy or delivery or their management (Temmerman & Verstraelen, 2004)…
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Maternal Death
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Extract of sample "Maternal Death"

Download file to see previous pages Those deaths occurring to women during pregnancy but are not related in any way to that pregnancy are referred to as accidental. However, many other definitions are contrary to this. Such definitions offer an extension of the duration for consideration after the termination of the pregnancy to one year. Other definitions incorporate incidental and accidental deaths of pregnant women as maternal death (Temmerman & Verstraelen, 2004). Therefore, there lacks a universal definition of maternal death. As such, the issue of maternal death is complex, starting from its definition, to its causes. While there is wide range of information sources regarding maternal death, the sources have not tackled the subject comprehensively, with a gap being left for more research to be undertaken in this field (Temmerman & Verstraelen, 2004).
Although it is a complex issue, there is much that is known about maternal death. One of the issues well studied and understood is the causes of this death. The remedies to these causes have also been researched and developed. The direct causes attributable to this death include bleeding. This is known to account for 25% of all maternal deaths (Thaddeus, 1994). This bleeding is caused by hemorrhage or deep vein thrombosis. A lack of skilled medical care during birth could also lead to bleeding, since cuts could be made in a way they are not supposed to be made. If not addressed, bleeding can kill a woman within two hours after birth. Therefore, it is supposed to be addressed immediately it is discovered, through the injection of oxytocin immediately after birth. The other cause of maternal death has been observed to be infections, which normally occurs after birth. After birth infections, accounts for 13% of all known maternal death (Temmerman & Verstraelen, 2004). Therefore, it can be prevented through the observation of hygiene after the birth of the child by a woman. If the signs of infections are discovered earlier, then seeking medical attention is important to eliminate infection related deaths. High blood pressure is another cause of maternal death, which accounts for 12% of such deaths in women. This needs to be discovered and managed earlier, just before it causes convulsions and other complications to the pregnant woman. The effects of high blood pressure can be lowered through the administration of magnesium sulfate, which lowers the risk of developing the high blood pressure in pregnant women (Temmerman & Verstraelen, 2004). Obstructed labor is another cause of maternal death. This mostly occurs when the head of the unborn child is too big for its mother’s pelvis. It can also occur, on the event that the baby is poorly positioned in the uterus (Huron, 2005). It is known to cause 8% of all maternal deaths and as a result needs to be controlled. Obstructed labor can be addressed by the use of partograph, which detects the conditions of a baby before birth. When observed that the conditions are likely to cause prolonged labor pain, then a caesarian delivery can be opted for, to reduce risks associated with obstructed labor for the mother and the child. There are other causes of maternal deaths, which are classified as indirect. They include diseases ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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