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Pregant Women with HIV Infections - Research Paper Example

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Pregnant Women with HIV Infections Name Professor Institution Course Date Abstract The issue of women suffering from HIV/AIDS in the contemporary society is one that has had many debates and concerns. This is majorly from the fact that the loss of a mother during her pregnancy leads to the loss of the unborn child too…
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Pregant Women with HIV Infections
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Download file to see previous pages Pregnant Women with HIV Infections Part A HIV/AIDS is a disease that has had its implications on society in a very vast manner especially over the last two decades. The disease came to prominence around the year 1987 and since then the number of infections have been on the steady rise. The disease is spread through very many distinct ways. There is the spread of the disease from having many sexual partners, the sharing of sharp objects with a person already infected with the virus and finally yet importantly, there is that of pregnant women transferring the disease to their unborn babies. This paper will be very clear in expressing the issues faced by pregnant women with HIV/AIDS and the various manners through which society observes and treats them. It is important to look at this issue because there is a lot of stigma around concerning these women. The United States views the problem of these women in various perspectives and offers the best that it can through the healthcare system to ensure that they receive the amount of care they require. The problems faced by these women are widespread and are all across the world but the different manners through which the healthcare organizations look at them is very important. One of the very important aspects of the issue that the United States health system focuses on is the counseling of these women so that they cannot feel left out or rather feel weird. The women receive treatment in a manner through which they receive the best medical care because there is also the focus on the health condition of the unborn child. The screening of the women is rather imperative for the research of other health issues that may make them weaker. When a person has HIV/AIDS, the white blood cells that are responsible for the guard of the body do not function correctly. It is for this reason that any other health condition is supposed to be given a priority to ensure that the women do not suffer a lot. This was study carried out by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. The United States also takes the issue rather seriously from the manner in which medical practitioners offer the required prophylaxis. The government has a major role to play in this because there are many countries that have bills that have the family of the HIV/AIDS infected patient carrying the burden of paying the bills for the medication. The medication is very important as it assists in the healing of Opportunistic Infections. These infections were reported to have killed around 37% of all pregnant HIV/AIDS patients in the United States over the period between 1990 and 2000. The analysis made it very important for the government to bring in a program that ensured that the deaths resulting from these infections reduced (Adams, 2011). The issue of HIV/AIDS is taken in a rather serious manner in the United States from the number of bills that are passed regarding the issue. One of the bills passed ensured that among all the necessary tests taken by pregnant women when being admitted to hospitals, HIV/AIDS becomes one of them (Adams, 2011). The first step taken is immunization that also assists in protecting the unborn child from contracting the disease. The reason as to why the government decided to make a priority while handling pregnant women is from the manner through which parents’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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