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Diagnoses, Medication and treatment of a patient with complex ailments Name Institution Upon joining medical Profession, I did not foresee challenges that on find my way. Although I was sure that challenges are what make proper profession, little was known about what Nurses and Doctors go through as they try to save lives…
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Diagnoses, Medication and Treatment of a Patient with Complex Ailments
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Download file to see previous pages As a professional medic, I had to do all the prescribed processes. First, I did the patient's initial assessment to determine whether the patient was under any life threats. In doing this, I formed a general idea to guide me to decide whether the patient was ill. I immobilized the forefront in preventing further abuse of other organs, assessed his level of consciousness according to the criteria of AVPU- alert responses of the patient to pain stimuli, responses of the patient to verbal stimuli, as well as unresponsive. Having checked the responsiveness level, I checked for his airway, breathing, as well as the circulation, commonly known as ABC. This entailed the removal of any foreign substance that could have blocked the airway. This time, I maintained the patients positioning by removing any blocking objects while carefully positioning the patient's head while keeping in mind the significance of jaw-trust technique as stated by Brimacombe (2000). Secondly, I checked the breathing rate of the patient, and it confirmed that the patient's breathing was much less than eight times per minute. Because of this, I had to facilitate his breathing by use of bag valve attached to an oxygen source. Thirdly, I checked the patient pulse rate by palpating his carotid vein which is located in the neck. Finally for this initial assessment, the overall bleeding was checked and put under control. Then the diagnosis stage followed. I examined the patient and diagnosed him with acute spinal cord injury, Anaemia, pneumonia, Hypertension, mild depressed mood, Neutrogena Bladder and hypothyroidism. I realized that the diseases were at advanced stages and needed quick response to give the patient a chance to survive. The medication was then administered to the patient in accordance to the prescribed disease. Pneumonia is a disease that causes a swelling in the lungs and affects the alveoli. It is associated with consolidation, chest symptoms and fever. Pneumonia is caused by bacteria and other causes. Agents of infection include fungi, bacteria and viruses. Pneumonic symptoms include breathing difficulty, pains in the patient's chest, cough and fever. The remedies and medication for pneumonia include Levofloxacin for pneumonia, Liquibid for chest congestion, Miconazole nitrate for antifungal, Nuerontin for Neuropathy pain, Nystatin for antifungal, Remeron for depression, Acetylcystein 1ml for bronchitis and Albuterol inhalation for coughing and wheezing. Hypertension, on the other hand, is a medical condition that occurs due to increase in blood pressure in the arteries. It requires the beat unexceptionally to help circulate blood through blood vessels. High blood pressure can be said to exist if the individual’s pressure exceeds 140/90mmHg. This is one of the main risk factors for heart attacks, stroke, and aneurysms of the arteries, and it results to kidney diseases. Change in lifestyles improves control in blood pressure thereby decreasing complications associated with health. However, treatment is needed to people who happen to be incapable. The medication that administaered for a patient with hypertension includes Remeron for depression, Oxycodone for pain and counadin for Anticoagulation. Hypothyroidism occurs when thyroid glands do not make thyroid hormone that is enough for the body. This results in the deficiency in iodine where other factors come into play. It is also associated with an increase in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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