NY State LPN Nurse Practice Act - Essay Example

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NY State LPN Nurse Practice Act Name Professor Institution Course Date NY State LPN Nurse Practice Act Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) enacts their obligations within health institutions under the supervision of medical professions within their line of duty…
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NY State LPN Nurse Practice Act
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Download file to see previous pages Some of these professions include practitioners and physicians. A podiatrist also can supervise LPNs while they carry out various activities. Therefore, LPNs tends to be dependent on other medical professions. The Nurse Practice Act in New York gives permission to LPNs to perform various tasks and responsibilities within a number of fields in the nursing practice (Strelecky, 2006). Some of these fields include a framework of case findings, teaching and counseling patients on health issues (Strelecky, 2006). Other tasks include offering supportive and restorative care to patients. According to New York’s Nurse Practice Act, LPNs ought to carry out various activities within the above fields while others are beyond them (Rosdahl & Kowalski, 2008). Some of the activities that LPNs may conduct within their scope of practice include supervising various activities of unlicensed personnel (Strelecky, 2006). Many of the health institutions employ unlicensed personnel to carry out activities either on temporary or permanent basis. The Act allows LPNs to supervise the unlicensed personnel. The Act also allows the LPNs to correct data concerning the patients. This means that LPNs have the opportunity to check and confirm various issues affecting patients within health institutions (Rosdahl & Kowalski, 2008). The other activity that LPN may perform according to the Act is supervising fellow colleagues. This occurs in the delivery of care where LPN who has a high level of competence within the legal scope of practice can supervise his/her colleagues (Strelecky, 2006). The Act also outlines a number of activities that are beyond LPNs. Some of these activities include conducting patient assessments. Even though, the LPNs can correct data related to the patients, they should not perform the assessments. The other activity that the LPNs cannot perform according to the Act is developing the nursing care plan on their own. This means that the LPNs can only engage in the development of nursing care plan with the assistance of medical professions in their scope of practice (Strelecky, 2006). According to the Practice Act, the LPNs are not entitled to administer IV chemotherapy. However, with supervision of a medical profession, they Act gives permission to the LPNs of installing chemotherapy bladders to patients. The Act also prohibits LPNs to administer various medications to patients (Rosdahl & Kowalski, 2008). Some of these medications include direct IV push medications. However, in cases related to saline and heparin flushes, the LPNs may provide the medication according to the Act. Moreover, LPNs are not obliged to administer IV fluid bolus for plasma volume expansion. However, they can perform this activity in the outpatient chronic hemodialysis setting. Apart from this activity, the Act prohibits LPNs to access any form of central line. They are also not allowed to access venous chest or arm port line device. The Act also indicates that LPNs cannot perform case management. This means that any case management related to their activities ought to be performed by senior medical professions. LPNs cannot also provide mental health teaching. This obligation is beyond their ability as indicated in the Act. However, they can conduct other form of teaching to the patients. The other activity that the LPNs do not have the power to perform as indicated on the Act is conducting triage. The Act prohibits LPNs to conduct the activity without a supervisor. The Act clearly emphasizes that this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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