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Heart Transplant Team Clinical Journal - Term Paper Example

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Heart Transplant Team Clinical Journal Name Institution Heart Transplant Team Clinical Journal 1) Summarize your progress in achieving the course clinical objectives and your Individual Learning Objectives So far, I have been able to achieve almost all the set course clinical objectives as well my individual learning objectives…
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Heart Transplant Team Clinical Journal
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Download file to see previous pages I have had the opportunity to attend to a number of heart transplant operations and carefully observed what transpires during this process. This has given me a background of the activities related to heart transplant operations. Secondly, I have had the opportunity to apply the nursing process in real life situation. In this regards, I have been able to collect a variety of population data from both the clinic and the community sources. I am now able to analyze such data both qualitatively and quantitatively. Basing on this knowledge, I am now able to help in the process of formulating goals and objectives for patient care and give an analytical feedback that can be applied in improving various nursing processes. I have reviewed cases regarding the determination of the need for health promotion and illness management shortcoming with the aim of implementing the best plan interventions basing on the best practice guidelines. Besides, I am now in a position to evaluate the effectiveness plan interventions basing on the socio-cultural, economic, spiritual, environmental and developmental factors. I have had the opportunity to discuss with the preceptor on issues relating to the effectiveness, the evidence and the ethics of various plan interventions. ...
I have established a rapport and gained as much client confidentiality as possible. Further, I am now able to carry out various documentation protocols, utilize the information technology systems and collaborate with my colleagues and staff effectively. Finally, with regards to professional practice, I am glad that I am better placed to maintain professional code of conduct and good behavior during practicum. Besides, I am now able to abide by all the agency’s regulations and policies. 2) What has been the most significant or meaningful learning outcome for you during clinical? The most eminent learning outcome I have achieved this far, is related to the application of the nursing process. Ever since my childhood, I have intrinsically wished to be a nurse. My efforts towards the achievement of this dreams has been inexorable. Thus, I feel great when I know I have the obligation to make a change in people’s lives. Application of the information I have gained in class in real-life clinical practice gives me am internal satisfaction I have always longed for. Seeing myself taking part in extending someone’s life and helping families hold onto their loved ones who are under my care, perpetuate my desire to take part in various other activities related to nursing activities. 3) As you reflect on your clinical experience, what knowledge and skills have you gained that will be helpful to you as a professional? Almost each and every learning outcome during my nursing training has been of great significance during my clinical experience. To begin with, the knowledge I have attained relating on how to attend to carry out patient interviews, perform physical assessments, obtain laboratory specimens and utilize specialty equipment has been very ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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