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Diabetes in the Pediatric Population - Essay Example

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Diabetes in the Pediatric Population Name Instructor Task Date Epidemiology of Diabetes in Pediatric Population Diabetes is a medical disorder that causes a patient who in this case is a child to suffer from excess thirst while he or she produces a large amount of urine…
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Diabetes in the Pediatric Population
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Download file to see previous pages It provides the basis for research in the field of diabetes since it assists in making decisions concerning policy and medicine based on evidence (Afaf, 2007). The evidence is usually obtained after the identification of different factors of risk for diabetes and goals for the preventive medicines. The people working in the field of epidemiology are involved in designing various studies, collecting and analyzing statistical data along with the elucidation and dissemination of the results. The field uses reviews among peers and systematic reviews, which are occasional in these activities. Epidemiology involves the studies that investigate outbreaks, surveillances on diseases such as diabetes along with screening of medicine, bio monitoring and comparing the effects of treatment among children in different clinical assessments (Vandemark, 2007). The field of epidemiology relies on other scientific authorities like biology, biostatistics, exposure assessments and social sciences. The field of biology is utilized for purposes of comprehending the disease known as diabetes in a better manner while biostatics helps the professionals to make appropriate use of the available data in reaching appropriate decisions. On the other hand, the field of social sciences is usually helpful in understanding and measuring proximate and distal factors of risk. Epidemiology is used in the modern world in covering descriptions, causes of diabetes and health conditions that are related to diabetes such as obesity and high blood pressure in juveniles (Delaune & Ladner, 2002). Steps and Methods of Epidemiology of Diabetes The field of epidemiology involves the execution of various steps that guide actions in the diabetes segment. Firstly, it involves detecting the occurrence of diabetes among children and detecting the health threats they pose to the public at large. It then concerns itself with the detection of diabetic cases, which is often referred to as case finding (Vandemark, 2007). The monitoring of the disease trends among the children follows closely after which the practitioners monitors individuals who might have been exposed to it for symptoms. After monitoring children for the symptoms, they are given treatment for the different complications that have developed in them. The direction of interventions on diabetes follows, and it leads to the evaluation of these interventions. Finally, the generation of hypothesis to instigate further evaluations on the above symptoms and consequences takes place (Evelyn & Melanie, 2002). The field of epidemiology utilizes several methods when studying diabetes outbreaks along with their consequences on children. It uses methods such as field studies, laboratory experiments, observation, scientific methods and case studies in obtaining, evaluating and distributing of information regarding the outbreaks. A field study involves the measurement of certain variables, estimating parameters within the children and performing statistical tests on the formulated hypothesis. It involves making comparisons between children to approximate accurately the extent of association between certain causal factors and the disease in question (Vandemark, 2007). The method has the goal of establishing a cause and effects relationship between single and multiple factors with the ailment. The scientific method entails a continuous sequence that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Diabetes in the Pediatric Population Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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