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Evaluating Practice through Theories and Models: - Reflection Case Study - Essay Example

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Evaluating Practice through Theories and Models: - Reflection Case Study Instructor Name Date Introduction Patient X presented with complications from a peripherally inserted central catheter. This paper will apply Orem’s self-deficit theory to improve the outcome of the care that was given to patient X…
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Evaluating Practice through Theories and Models: - Reflection Case Study
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Download file to see previous pages Gibbs model first required a description of the presenting problem, followed by a discussion of thoughts and feelings, evaluation, and analysis. Orem’s self-care deficit theory is actually a combination of three nursing theories; theory of self-care, theory of self-care deficit, and the theory of nursing systems (Nursing…). Description PICC line complications can be attributed to a number of factors. Patient X presented with symptoms that might be indicative of PICC line infection. The patient had followed the plan of care from the previous discharge and signs that were easily evident were redness and an appearance of swollenness with complaints of hotness and burning around the site. The appropriate care plan was followed in home care and the patient was unsure of what precipitated the event. There patient’s family described the self-care that was being administered in the home and there was no deficit of self-care. Feeling It was my thoughts that the patients’ family understood the plan of care and that the reason for this complication would remain unknown. The patients ‘family communicated well and were able to describe the plan of care that was being followed in the home. They also appeared to comprehend and understand directions. Standards of care have been defined for PICC line maintenance and care and the patient had been following these standards. The possibility of sepsis is the most common risk associated with PICC Lines (The Happy…). Evaluation I evaluated patient X PICC line insertion site for fluid or discharge, site was red and the patient stated it felt painful; the area felt warm to touch and appeared swollen. I checked the patient’s temperature and there was no fever. The patient was also evaluated for the possibility of a blood clot or air in the line though neither of these was noticed. All evaluation and assessments were documented appropriately and the patient easily tolerated the evaluation, communicated well and responded to questions appropriately. The PICC line flushed with 15 ml saline and no occlusion was noted. There was no leaking at the site of the PICC line. No bleeding was noted at the site and there was no appearance of cyanosis or protruding veins in the neck or shoulder (Wales). The Doctor was informed of the patient’s signs and symptoms and antibiotic therapy was prescribed. The PICC line was intact and properly flushed before the antibiotic therapy was started. The purpose for giving the antibiotic therapy through the PICC Line is to initiate a rapid response to the medication; the patient tolerated the antibiotic therapy with no nausea or complaints (Kristine Krapp). I followed the procedure of first verifying the correct patient, medication, dosage, time and route before administering the medication. The appropriate delivery rate was used to administer the medication and the line was flushed again after the antibiotic. Analysis I followed the care pathway, prescribed at Wales and the patient responded well. The patient reported no pain and the site did not appear red or swollen after receiving antibiotic therapy for one day. The patient reacted quickly to the therapy. Education was provided to the caretakers in order to prevent a repeat infection. Teaching was provided on cleaning the site and flushing the line with saline. Also the family was educated and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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