Music Therapy in Nursing Practice - Coursework Example

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This paper consists of 18 questions and answers regarding the music therapy and different social researches on this topic…
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Music Therapy in Nursing Practice
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"Music Therapy in Nursing Practice"

but not in patients undergoing mechanical ventilation support, so this study is quite pioneering. It saw a gap in this area of minimal medical research (Korhan, Khorshid & Uyar, 2011, p. 1027). 5. The study’s conceptual framework/theoretical underpinnings and conceptual definition of the study variables are clearly stated. If not, what conceptual framework/theoretical underpinnings or theory would you recommend and why? SA 5 (4) 3 2 1 SD Answer: The conceptual framework is acceptable because it is based on the main physiological signs of anxiety commonly accepted among medical practitioners, which are systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, pulse rate, respiratory rate and oxygen saturation. Moreover, its theoretical underpinnings are quite accurate as the intent of the research study is to find effect of relaxing music using non-pharmacological or non-surgical interventions. In other words, this study is based on historical and cultural evidences that classical music had been used before by people for relaxation in many societies and is worth investigating further for its medical efficacy. 6. The research purpose, question/hypothesis (a study will not have both) is clearly stated and congruent with the research problem. What is the independent variable? Dependent variables? Are there operational definitions of the dependent variables? If no research questions/hypotheses are stated, what questions would you suggest? SA (5) 4 3 2 1 SD Answer: The research question is clearly aligned correctly with the research problem or aim. The independent variable is the use of relaxing music (calm and soothing such as classical music). Its dependent variables were the physiological signs mentioned earlier, which are systolic blood...
The research question is clearly aligned correctly with the research problem or aim. The independent variable is the use of relaxing music (calm and soothing such as classical music). Its dependent variables were the physiological signs mentioned earlier, which are systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, pulse rate, respiratory rate and oxygen saturation. Since this is a technical medical report, these common physiological signs do not need to be defined anymore. People reading this research article know exactly what these medical terms pertain to. The article had no research question posed but its purpose was stated in its aims at the article's beginning. A good research question might be: “Is music effective as an anxiolytic among patients?” although this can be narrowed down further to patients who are on mechanical ventilation support only. Read More
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