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Purnell's Domain of Culture for Argentina - Essay Example

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Purnell’s Domain of Culture for Argentina Name Instructor Class 24 January 2012 Purnell’s Domain of Culture for Argentina This essay uses Purnell’s domain of culture in analyzing Argentina’s culture and its impact on communication beliefs and practices…
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Purnells Domain of Culture for Argentina
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Download file to see previous pages Extended families are the norm and Argentines accord high respect to their elders. Willingness to Share Thoughts, Feelings, and Ideas Argentines are strongly vocal in sharing their thoughts, feelings, and ideas. They believe that it is important to be frank, direct, and open with others, although they balance their candor with tactfulness and diplomacy (Whittle, 1998, p.171). They do not like offending others, so they are careful in hurting other people’s feelings. They are unreserved with their opinions, but they are warm and friendly people who readily welcome guests into their country and homes (ISEP, 2010). Argentines are passionate in talking about art, literature, politics, sports, and music. They also openly talk about their families, because they are proud of their ancestries and achievements in life (Whittle, 1998, p.171). Though open to many issues, some Argentines are sensitive to people who do not cheer for their football team when watching at their arenas and some think that it is taboo to talk about Argentina’s relationships with the U.S., Brazil, or Great Britain (Bao, Clark, & Symington, 2010, p.42). Practice and Meaning of Touch Like other Latin American cultures, the Argentines practice touch as part of their communication strategies. People often touch each other while talking, especially family and close friends (Whittle, 1998, p.172). ...
Touch is important to Argentines because it symbolizes respect and love. Health care providers are also expected to understand the meaning of touch to healing (Bosco, 2007). Nurses are most especially expected to touch patients while caring for them, such as patting their hands or shoulders to show empathy for their emotions. Spatial and Distancing Strategies When discussing something with friends, Argentines commonly do so in a close manner, even with strangers (Whittle, 1998, p.172). They maintain little distance with other speakers, particularly since they come from high-context cultures where lesser distance means more warmth and honesty (ISEP, 2010). Still, friends may speak closer with each other than other strangers, specifically if these strangers come from other cultures and Argentines may feel that the latter are not comfortable with close-distance communication practices. Eye Contact Argentines speak with each other using strong eye contact (ISEP, 2010). Maintaining eye contact means that people respect each other (ISEP, 2010). Argentines use direct eye contact with family and friends. They also do so even when they speak with strangers. Younger people also look directly at their elders to show their respect, although they may look down when they feel embarrassed and have wronged the latter. Gestures and Facial Expressions Argentines are passionate in expressing themselves, which some races would see as melodramatic and aggressive (, 2004). When discussing issues or problems with others, Argentines use “very punctuated gestures, facial expressions, choice of words and tone of voice” (, 2004). The words “disaster, chaos or cry” are common in their daily ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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