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Learning Biography about Clinical Oncology - Essay Example

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Learning biography about Clinical Oncology Name Institutional affiliation Tutor Date Learning biography about Clinical Oncology Analysts and researchers in the field of Clinical Oncology argue that, as time progresses, there is a great likelihood that all stakeholders in the field have to learn new skills mandatory for successful acquisition of skills in the field…
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Learning Biography about Clinical Oncology
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Download file to see previous pages In order to meet the goals and objectives of clinical solutions, Brookfield (2005) argues that there is a dire need to instill change in the field of Oncology; both in terms of the work force change and techniques of handling various clinical trials. For a total transformation of the field of Clinical Oncology, it is important that the training programs are improved. In the current form of training, there is a great niche in the number of programs that are comprehensive in terms of methods of instruction in molecular and clinical oncology. In response, it is mandatory that novel approaches are applied in this field. For teaching and learning to be productive in the field of Clinical Oncology, there is a need to have a supple curriculum that allows for teaching methodologies that are all inclusive in terms of research and teaching in Clinical Oncology. Analysts propose novel teaching approaches like one-on- one teaching, e-learning so as to have flexibility and incorporate all learners in the teaching and learning process. In the study of Clinical Oncology, various adult learning theories are applied. Among the theories of adult learning include; Andragogy. This model of adult learning theory motivates learners of Clinical Oncology in that; the model self directs learners towards their own learning. Ames and Ames (2000) argue that, in this model, learners govern the way in which they gain knowledge of and grasp concepts in the particular fields of study. Through, this model learners are in a position to grasp concepts in life, that allow them dictate their own means of learning (Edwards, 2005). In the field of Clinical Oncology it is important that learners grasp concepts that direct their own forms of learning. In Clinical Oncology, it is expected, that learners are well motivated and exposed to forms of learning that direct their own life experiences. Andragogy is linked to the ability to allow learners solve problems that they may face in their respective fields of learning. In this context, therefore, learners are in a position to discern the necessary skills required of them during the field of medical oncologists. Andragogy is directed towards solving problems rather than inculcating theoretical skills in the learners (Reynolds and Vince, 2007). In line to this argument, learners are subjected towards learning of concepts that relate medical oncology on a practical angle. It is important that learners in this field are exposed to practical aspects of learning concepts. For the Andragogy theory to be applied in the learning setting, it is important that learners are exposed to the concepts that are relevant to their areas of specialization. Analysts argue that adult learners must have a one on one contact with the contents of instruction. Statistics also indicate that, adult learners must be involved in the planning of their modes and contents of instruction. In the field, of Clinical Oncology, adult learners must be exposed to administration of therapy to individuals; for instance, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy amongst others. Andragogy allows for this practical view of adult learning in the field of Clinical Oncology. Learners are given an opportunity to learn through mistakes as well as experience in Clinical Oncology. Practically, learners are given prior introduction on how to deal with patients. First, learners are allowed to review ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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