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Publishing an article in Emirates Nursing Association (ENA) Journal - Research Paper Example

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Name Instructor Task Date Publishing an article in Emirates Nursing Association (ENA) Journal Introduction It is very important to think about a variety of things before choosing a journal for publication. Individuals should think about the journals and the type of journals that they want to publish them…
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Publishing an article in Emirates Nursing Association (ENA) Journal
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Download file to see previous pages Abstract ENA journal is an appreciable material for publishing articles because it gives a clear abstract, which is understandable to the reader. The reader is able to get everything that is to be discussed in the entire article. The journals ideas have not been copy pasted but they are the ideas of the author. This makes the journal flow well as the reader is reading. The abstract is of reasonable words, which are not too long or too short. Referencing ENA journal has referenced its journal in Harvard style. This is an international way of referencing and accepted by many institutions. The journal has also cited it work, thus recognizing the works of other people. Referencing is a major factor for tracing the source of information found in this journal. ENA journal has ensured that the information in the journals is relevant to the sources they have the information. Wordiness The journal is good for publishing articles because it does not have wordiness and the connections of words are academic. It has used simple and understandable English that is read by people from different domains. ENA has connected information from different disciplines and this has helped people from other professions to understand the concept of nursing in UAE. Associations are people from common domain or professions who can work easily and relate smoothly. These associations should choose an article that can publish their work in a professional way. Nursing profession was taken as a subordinate of the medical practitioners but through the help of ENA journal, it has been able to publish and advertise their article. It is because of this reason that ENA has helped in coming up with strategies to advertise the nursing professions so it can become popular and recognized by many people (Baumann, 2004, pg 7). ENA publishing journal has assisted the nursing profession to form associations and come up with voluntary groups, which assists the nursing profession. ENA publishing journal has advertised the nursing profession widely and currently it is trying to uplift the other medical professions like radiologist and medical laboratories courses. ENA publishing journal is a rational tool for publication because it shows how all the countrywide nurses in the labor force assisted UAE Nurses organization in the year 1972. The journal connects very well with the nursing discipline as it use nursing terms that are understandable. The ENA journal is good for publishing because it shows how Nursing in early times was not completely recognized (Baumann, 2004, pg 15). The journal uses clear and easy language that is understood by many people. EAN journal has stipulated how the nursing profession underwent many challenges before it was published. First, it was difficult to form a board that would control and conduct the business of the association. The other challenge was to convince people nationally to develop the idea of the formation of the nursing association. The third challenge was to introduce the idea of nursing association in EUA. EAN journal has helped people in other disciplines to access about nursing information in the UAE. For instance, in the year 2001, the state division of Nursing at the department of Health prearranged a discussion (Ballen & Fulcher, 2006, pg 32). The leader of the Emirates Medical Association also contributed and gave assistance and imminent into the local UAE background concerning ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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