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Windshield survey of Los Angeles California - Assignment Example

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A community is defined as people who reside within the same demographic location. The people in the same community usually face the same predicaments in terms of governance and other social issues. Community health refers to the initiative within public health which objectively aims to promote the welfare of the community in terms of health…
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Windshield survey of Los Angeles California
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Extract of sample "Windshield survey of Los Angeles California"

Download file to see previous pages In reference to public health, the community is usually viewed as the client. It is imperative that proper planning is done in addressing the welfare of a community. One way of planning is through surveys. This paper is a Windshield Survey of Los Angeles, California. Housing and zoning The policy of land use is how land is used by communities within their boundaries. This policy establishes density for zonal development and development intensity for industrial and commercial uses. The overall plan is to manage all uses of land occurring in Los Angeles County by providing the scheme on how the to plan and address challenges of land use that may be faced. The element of land use uses short-term programs and strategies of providing comprehensive and flexible guidelines for the decisions on county land use and future development. This element also identifies the policies and goals that guide the extent of land housing, general location of housing, and other land uses in the county (Todd, 2007). Transport One of the major means of transport are, air transportation as evidenced by the presence of airports such as Lax (Los Angeles international Airport) and Ontario international airport. Other means of transport are train and bus services between cities, ferry services for water transport, bus services within the city and walking on foot. Race and ethnicity The downtown consists of Asians, African Americans, white non-Hispanic, Chinese, Filipino, Mexican, Korean, and Indian among others. These groups are said to outnumber whites. Open space The open space has Los Angeles union station which is the major transportation Hub that converge railways and bus services. It also has a collection of shops, a museum, and eateries police departments, with their buildings, shopping malls, city hall and commercial banks. Service centers There are various service centers which look into the welfare of the parties involved. These include; AIDS Service Center, Korean American Family Service Center, Ori's Automotive Service Center, Chinatown service center, L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center. Religion and politics The main religious bodies include; Catholics, Pentecostals, Baptists, Lutherans, Jewish, Islam, Eastern, Presbyterian, Methodist, Episcopalian, and other Christians. The county has different political parties. (Brint, 2009) American independent party pledges to stop wars which are claiming lives of more Americans, stop impulse spending on foreign aid, do away with federal income tax, slow down immigration, stop illegal alien entering the country, defend national moral values, stop abortion, raise the standards of education, among other pledges. Communist party pledges to defeat the Bush administration agenda, ensure people’s wellbeing, and replace large business with labor to ensure that rights, expanding needs of the people and economic security are put on the forefront. Republican Party has a mission of winning elections. Reform party promotes job openings, budget balance, alternative energy sources, debt repayment, military families’ fairness, and reform in healthcare, government waste elimination, finance reform campaigns and many others. Other parties include; Constitution Party, Democratic Party, Democratic Socialists , Green Party, Libertarian Party, Natural Law Party, Socialist Party (Peterson, 1994). Official Boundaries of the County The county boundary starts from the southwesterly of California to northeasterly of rancho Simi then to southeast of the township line. Stores and street people The county contains the largest number of homeless people in the whole nation. This is approximated to be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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