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Young Adult Couples' Decision Making Regarding Emergency Contraceptive Pills - Essay Example

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The article under review reports a study over the low use of emergency contraceptive pills in young couples. This study was carried out by Beaulieu and colleagues on “Young adult couples’ decision making regarding emergency contraceptive pills”. …
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Young Adult Couples Decision Making Regarding Emergency Contraceptive Pills
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Extract of sample "Young Adult Couples' Decision Making Regarding Emergency Contraceptive Pills"

Download file to see previous pages The work was published in the journal of nursing scholarship in 2011(Beaulieu et al.). The concern over the presence of cases of unwanted pregnancies motivated the study regarding the reluctance of young couples in using Emergency contraceptive pills. The researchers constructed sets of salient conditions to guide the research. These conditions touch on contraceptive use, decision making among couples, views between men and women over the use of ECPs, a woman’s autonomy, and relationship power. To enhance the validity and credibility of the study, the researchers employed the use of face to face interview as a research method. Qualitative research was most appropriate for this social research (Weinberg, 2002). Open ended questions were employed to collect data which comprised of personal views. Despite the availability of other research method, the researcher chose face to face interview. This was recommendable because this method enables the research to create a rapport with participants. The authors have clearly stated objectives of the study using an explanatory title, in the abstract, introduction and through the arguments stated in the report. The title briefly summarizes the whole topic. By reading the topic, a reader automatically gets a good snapshot of the entire study. The authors introduce the topic of unwanted pregnancies by providing definitions and reasons for its occurrences. They later state the reasons why it was necessary to explore this subject, and the necessary steps and methodology utilized during the study. He also introduces all concepts discussed in the report clearly using simple language. All the supporting literature is recent, hence, relating the issue with current discussions and ongoing debate regarding contraceptive use. They also state the importance of this study by stating the concerns surrounding the issue. Despite the fact that ECPs safely prevent unwanted pregnancies, it is confusing why young couples refrain from using them. These contraceptives also suit the needs of young people and are available for their use. So it remains unclear why young people do not avail themselves for their use. This study was different from past studies because past studies centered on women as the primary decision makers of regarding contraceptive use. However, this study took a different perspective of focusing on the couple, and not just women. Couple dynamics looks at the dominance of men in reproductive health decision making. Men dominate these decisions because they too, do not want unplanned pregnancies and experience the pressure for sex. To give the article more credibility, information is provided from other fields that relate to the study. Information is concerned with developmental antecedents, which influence decision making in relationships. In this analysis, the authors connect the article theme to other factors that are fundamental to providing more insight to readers as to the importance of the study (Beaulieu et al., 2011). The article is written in simple and clear language, which makes it easy to read and understand for anyone with basic education. The author has portrayed facts in an organized and clear manner, supporting every argument with appropriate resources. These resources provide in depth information on the subject and prove the information’s credibility. The article has been organized into section, each section covering a specific aspect of the study. In addition, there is congruence among different sections. All the sections serve to build up arguments that support the study. Right from the abstract and the introduction, the author has introduced participants in the study; mentioning the people concerned over the issue, past studies and reports over the issue, p ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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