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The Texas State Law Regarding the Medical Power of Attorney - Case Study Example

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This case study entails multiple considerations, legal, moral and ethical issues discussed concerning Mr E’s intubation. Ethically and legally, Mr E’s intubation was against his wishes. Mr E had earlier completed 2 different advance directives stating he should not be advanced any life support care…
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The Texas State Law Regarding the Medical Power of Attorney
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Extract of sample "The Texas State Law Regarding the Medical Power of Attorney"

Download file to see previous pages Ethically and morally, the nurse who was in charge of treating Mr E’s condition faced difficult decisions. The ethical and moral dilemma she faced was immense. Mr E could have died shortly if he was not intubated. In contrary, by not obeying the wishes of Mr E, in written and verbal, meant a violation of the patient’s rights and that would call for punishment legally. In provision two of The American Nurses Association, state “the nurse's first commitment is to the patient.” Nursing World (2009) supports either of the above-mentioned possibilities, for instance, in Mr E’s case; the decision to be taken was for the interest of the patient. The deciding factors in cases like this entirely should involve the patient’s interests. Nursing autonomy states that nurses’ decisions should be based on what is ethical and moral. The latter decision would not be a choice in such a circumstance.
Legally, the nurse should have shared liability in any negative outcome Mr E experienced as a result of his intubation. In this situation, permission was obtained from Mr H, a non-qualified individual and hence Mr E’s privacy was violated and in addition, forced to succumb to the procedure he never consented in writing. It is always good to remember that patients could at all times have the final words pertaining to procedures and accorded treatment. “The principal of autonomy upholds respect for decision-making capacity of patients.” (Beauchamp & Childress, 1994). As a strict patient advocate, the nurse should at least have explained to Mr E that placement of the ventilator could have been for a short while till when his pneumonia improves, then from there removed. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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