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Outcomes of care and quality and safety indicators Name Institution Outcomes of care and quality and safety indicators Nursing should be an interactive process aimed at solving problems while giving nursing care to the patients. Thus, the process of nursing should be systematic and personalized in order to attain outcomes of care in nursing…
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Outcomes of Care and Quality and Safety Indicators
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Download file to see previous pages Therefore, nurses should endeavor to have the knowledge and understanding required for outcomes in nursing and their assessment in order to play a practical function in exhibiting the proper outcomes of APN care. This expose elucidates five specific and measurable nursing outcomes that could help demonstrate the impact of the services provided for in a clinic. One outcome of nursing care any clinic would want to achieve as an objective is a less readmission rate of patients back to the clinic to seek treatment for an ailment they had earlier sought treatment for in the same clinic. In this case, it is important to note that, less readmission rates in a clinic are a good indicator of quality care in the advanced nursing practices. In order to ensure that the readmission rates in the clinic are lower, the clinic will enhance its accuracy in diagnosing and treating its patients. In addition, the clinic will ensure that nurses include disease-controlling skills to the patients while providing care for them. Furthermore, since nursing care is individualized, nurses should ensure effective and efficient analysis of the individual risk characteristics of the patient. In effect, the clinic will offer unique quality care to all its patients admitted to prevent a high readmission rate than the national level. Furthermore, the calculation of the readmission rates should be through the hierarchical regression model. In effect, the clinic shall endeavor to maintain lower rates than those in the national level calculated, or obtained, within a period of one month or thirty days (Agency for HealthCare Research and Quality [AHRQ], n.d.). The lowering of the readmission rates lower than the national level emphasizes the quality care the clinic provides to its patients. In addition, the nurses’ contribution to the patient’s healthy wellbeing is clearly illustrated when the nurses provide the patients with information on proper preventative measures. Lack of in-hospital mortality rates is another outcome the clinic will endeavor to achieve. In this case, the clinic will ensure that nurses and other medical practitioners in the clinic appropriately and effectively execute patients’ assessments and early interventions activities in order to ensure there are no in-patient mortalities in the clinic. In effect, the clinic will be able to optimize patient outcomes and avert unfavorable outcomes such as death. In order to ensure lack of in-patient mortality in the clinic, nurses will attend to the safety issues such as the precision of medication they administer to their patients. It is important to note that, these issues once attended to will ensure that the clinic does not conduct medical errors that account for 98,000 deaths a year. Furthermore, these errors occur 1.5 million times in clinics and hospitals around the country. On the other hand, patients receive only 55% of recommended care (AHRQ, n.d.). Thus, the failure to attend to these important safety nursing practice issues can cause in-hospital mortality rates that the clinic will endeavor to circumvent. One other outcome the clinic will endeavor to achieve is a lifestyle change in its target population. Effectively, the clinic will provide a holistic approach to health issues to the patients. According to the Community Health Status Indicators (2009), half of the deaths in the country and the world are attributable to tobacco use, alcohol use, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“Outcomes of Care and Quality and Safety Indicators Admission/Application Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/nursing/1435924-outcomes-of-care-and-quality-and-safety.
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