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Nursing as a Profession and its Impact on Society - Essay Example

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Nursing as a Profession and its Impact on Society The field of nursing has contributed to the society in more ways than one. This has been manifested time and again by the immense sacrifice of the nursing profession and the nurses in essence. It is for this reason that nursing has attained the mileage that it so requires in the time and age of today…
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Nursing as a Profession and its Impact on Society
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Download file to see previous pages The nursing profession has been assisted by the different domains and realms of the society because they have understood how nursing could provide a point of salvage and hope for the helpless and needy, suffering on a number of counts. The handicap factor is therefore assisted a great deal by these nurses who have made giant efforts to come out in the open and manifest their ethical selves time and again. Since nursing requires vigilance and competence, not everyone can qualify as a professional nurse in the first place. However the role of nursing within the society remains an important discussion all the same. Indeed there is no better way to serve humanity than to assume the role of a nurse. The society is benefited in more ways than one and this is documented in a number of different ways. This profession has given so much freedom to the nurses that now they can call it their respective careers. The Certified Nursing Assistant course at different hospitals has provided the students of nursing with the skills that are very necessary to search for employment in the long term care facilities. Particular importance is laid on the fundamental principles related with nursing as well as development and the application of nursing skills in long term care facilities. ...
take up nursing as a career since it is one of the most difficult jobs all over the world and the virtues that come along with are something to be written home about. Indeed nursing is a career that leaves quite a lot to speak about because this is something which goes a long way at developing relationships of people with one another and amongst the nurses as well. From the domains of the society, the profession of nursing is a very distinctive one. This is because nurses are being consistently monitored for their actions and what they bring to the healthcare regimes. They are also being told to remain attentive to their clients’ needs and requirements, and document hard work in entirety. The nursing premise is all the more important because it manifests hard work and commitment with the clients and showcases strength of character and maturity all this while. The nursing avenues receive a great deal of applause by the people for a host of reasons. This is because they do certain things which no one else would be able to manifest at any given time. The role of the nursing profession has evolved over a period of time but its respect and dignity has not faded away one bit. This is the reason why many people would still like the nurses to attend to them when they are sick and to their family when they are unwell. This is an important aspect that has made the rounds of nearly all the societies in the world, in the past as well as even today (Johnstone, 1999). The role of the nurses within the society is being consistently monitored for a number of reasons, and mostly because they have to give their best time and again. There is absolutely no iota of weakness or failure that comes attached with their profession, and hence should be treated as such. The societal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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