The importance of proper nutrition for promoting wound healing in elderly - Literature review Example

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PROPER NUTRITION FOR PROMOTING WOUND HEALING IN ELDERLY By NAME Presented to INSTITUTION PROFESSOR COURSE I. Introduction Wound healing is treatment that engages a complicated sequence of interrelations amid diverse cell types, cytokine mediators, and the extracellular medium…
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The importance of proper nutrition for promoting wound healing in elderly
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Download file to see previous pages The overall health condition of the patient influences the result of healing from the damaged tissue. Older wound care patients call for additional care and constant that addresses the issues that speed up the wound treatment. Several wound care analysts support a holistic means for treating elderly wound patients that regards simultaneous bodily and mental aspects such as dietary position and illness status like diabetes and cancer. The following paper will look into the various methodologies, analyses, gaps, data and theories used and developed by these analyses towards wound haling in the elderly. II. Current Literature According to Timmes, wound healing needs an increase in the energy consumption of the patient because of a rise in metabolic demand. Nutrition plays a major role in the wound healing procedure, as various nutrients have precise functions connected to wound healing. Sufficient nutrition is also needed to sustain healthy skin integrity and elderly patients regularly go through delayed wound healing because of such nutrition deficiencies. Timmes also states that successful management of malnourished patients with wounds relies on precise untimely diagnosis and therapy. Heyman, Van De Looverbosch, Meier and Schols believe that a high-protein ONS supplemented with arginine, vitamin C, vitamin E and zinc when utilized with average and pressure ulcer care, particularly decreased the standard pressure ulcer area of permanent nursing home civilians. Major themes assessed by Sherman and Barkly include the importance of nutritional evaluation at the specific nutrients, their roles in wound healing, and the potential of wound therapy among the elderly. Other analysts with a similar viewpoint are Takahashi, Kimele and Jones, who have laid out fundamentals to wound healing through a series of steps. The steps include Step 1: Identify the cause This step involves the enhancement of a well organized would plan by realizing the cause of the wound. Such knowledge provides a base for the healing procedure and prognosis. Step 2: Maintenance of good nutrition The authors of the journal do not sturdily point out the significance of proper nutrition in the sustenance of skin integrity and wound healing. Nevertheless, patients have proven through research results that the end-phase dementia or the fatal disease cannot get enough healing through ample nutrition. Step 3: Manage infection Sufficient wound healing needs a surrounding that is free of any kind of infections all skin the body is colonized, making bacteria and other inflectional organisms susceptible to causing infections to the body through the wound Step 4: Recommendations for wound therapy According to Takahashi, Kimele and Jones, discussions with the nursing staff and other healthcare givers are regularly needed for the establishment of concluding recommendations for wound treatment. On a similar note, Sherman and Barkly believe that various nutrients play major roles in wound healing. They have analyzed each nutrient using the following order and knowledge on wound treatment: Proteins The elderly normally face protein depletion, resulting in the reduction of the rate and quality of wound healing. Therefore, proteins are needed for healing since they are part of a seditious procedure, and in immune receptiveness, the development of granulation tissue become simpler and rapid. Carbohydrates As part of the healing proce ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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