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Discuss the claim that everybody has an equal chance of archieving good health - Essay Example

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Title of the Paper Name Institution’s name Each and every living being is born with a fair chance of survival but it is not necessary that a fair chance will be an equal chance. Once a person is born, almost immediately various factors come into play and affect the survival chances and these factors continue to play a part in the years to come and serve as important influences when it comes to attainment of good health…
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Discuss the claim that everybody has an equal chance of archieving good health
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Extract of sample "Discuss the claim that everybody has an equal chance of archieving good health"

Download file to see previous pages The Importance of good Health The main aim of the World Health Organization has been to aim and ensure good health to all the citizens of the nations. According to the definition laid down by the World Health Organization, good health does not merely mean absence of a disease but is in fact a reflections of physiological, social and mental well being as well. This shows that simply immunological factors or physiological factors cannot play a role in promoting good health among a community but psychological and sociological factors too contribute equally towards the cause. Achieving a standard level of good health is extremely important for any community in any part of the world since good health of a community ensures physical, mental, social, spiritual, emotional and intellectual well being which forms the basis of advancement of the community as a whole. What is Equality in Health? In the present scenario equality in health is an ideal terminology. A close analysis of the health profiles of different countries and geographical areas within countries will show remarkable differences in health. We can thereby say that an inequity in health exists which has an ethical dimension since this discrepancy is both unnecessary and avoidable as well. In a way, this inequality is not just and is a scenario that goes against the constitutional promises of almost all nations. Sociology of Health and Healthcare Sociological awareness and factors have played important role in promotion of good health by understanding diseases response, social policy development and evolution of healthcare practices. The promotion of good health and sociology goes hand in hand since health promotion gives society an idea that people should be healthy and live a healthy lifestyle. However in attainment of good health socioeconomics plays a very important role. Persistent findings have established presence of inequalities in health in the different social classes, sexes, ethnic groups where marked differences in accessing health care, morbidity, and mortality and average life expectancies vary. These differences widen between the richer and the poorer nations rightly establishing the fact that socioeconomics of countries plays a role in availability of chances for its citizens for good health. However it should also be noted that unequal chances towards good health is not dependent solely on social class or access to proper care but is also dependent on factors such as education, knowledge, work ability, work eligibility and political power (Waitzin,2001). The sociological theory of health inequality relies heavily on the class factor and position of a person in the social strata which is directly associated with economics. Since the 1970’s there has been a rigorous change in the social class dynamics especially in the European countries. The decreasing inequality of chances for good health is a side effect of the “ the voracious, ‘strategic’ appetites of a hard core or cabal in its strongly globalised capitalist-executive, backed by its more weakly globalised power elite” (Scambler,2012,p138). Research has shown that socioeconomic states influence ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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