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The most common factors causing therapeutic compliance - Research Paper Example

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In the work understudy, the researcher had a purpose of exploring and evaluating the most common factors causing therapeutic compliance. The findins of the research revealed that there are varying factors and reasons why people would not stick to medical prescriptions…
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The most common factors causing therapeutic compliance
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Download file to see previous pages The study problem is a discussion of therapeutic compliance among patients. This means that the research has to do with pharmaceutical issues. Coincidentally, all four researchers have professions relating to pharmacology. With a research problem that relates to the professional background of the researchers therefore, it was highly expected that the researchers would display personal pre-understandings of the research problem. Reading through the research article however, it can be seen that almost all ideas, findings and philosophical analysis presented in the research work were taken from secondary sources without any prelude to researchers’ existing knowledge or experience. The researchers worked around three major pharmaceutical terms, which were treatment refusal, patient compliance, and patient dropouts. All these are terms that relates to everyday patient-pharmacists interactions. It was expected therefore that the researchers would give broader overview of their personal understandings and previous experiences as practicing professional in this regard but this did not happen. Generally, the quality of the literature review will be said to be outstanding. The general approach adapted by the researchers was to conduct research searches to come out with expected results on factors leading to the achievement of the research purpose. In this regard, it was expected that the researchers would conduct a thoroughly researched literature review. On the whole, “a total of 102 articles was retrieved and used in the review from the 2095 articles identified by the literature review process” (Jin, Sklar, Oh and Li, 2008). A critical assessment of the 102 articles that were eventually selected and used by the researchers show that most of the articles were not more than a decade old. Some of these include Benner et al 2002, Apter et al 2003, Opolka et al 2003, Spikmans et al 2003, Butterworth et al 2004, Kaplan et al 2004, Dominick et al 2005, Horne and Weinman 1999, Ghods and Nasrollahzadeh 2003 and Senior et al 2004. With such current literature works, the researchers were sure to have an updated portfolio of information to work with. In pharmaceutical circles, research on drugs and patient behavior keep changing by the day. For this reason, when ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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