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QI IV Implementing and Revising Name of student Institution Instructor Date QI IV Implementing and Revising An ultimate success of plan implementation process requires that all participants are familiar with their respective responsibilities in an organization…
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Download file to see previous pages In addition, strategic planning of implementation can bring great change in any given organization. It clearly shows the missions and goals to be achieved by the organization. In order to plan an effective implantation process; one should ensure that there is active support from the board of executive, effective communication, and employee involvement (Gorman, 2001). The board of directors provides quality leadership for the QI process. It reviews, evaluates and puts in place the quality improvement services. The team also helps in supporting and directing the implementation of enhanced quality activities in the program. Successful planning implementation calls for extensive commitments from the board of directors and senior managers. The executive committee has a crucial role to play during the process. For instance, they must guide, support, monitor and live to the outcomes of the process, failure to this, the strategic process will simply be unsuccessful. Without extra commitment of the organization’s executives, the participants are likely to feel misled and unsatisfied with the results. Senior executive should draw a clear vision and mission for the planning implementation process. In addition, they should taint a picture to show the expected out comes. The executive can also appoint a leader such as an executive champion to ‘’own “the strategic process. Executives should sponsor some portions that involve the process. They become an involved participant that enables them to interact with other members of the organization. Executive leadership should steer up the committee, planning team and leadership group. They develop a performance plan within the management to reinforce, and communicate a structure that enhances the delivery and accomplishment of the planning goals. The quality improvement committee comprises of a wide range of health practitioners such as network physicians and the psychiatric health workers. It develops and comments the quality improving plan. It identifies opportunities for enhancement, outlines performance goals and guides the quality interventions. The committee is responsible for approving and updating the time plan. Subsequently, the committee carries out the quality evaluation process, analyzes, and summarizes work done within a given time span. It is evident that the committee monitors health activities and creates a work plan for each activity and the people responsible. In addition, it reports to the board of directors on the quality improvement services on a regular basis (Breen, et.al, 2010). Thirdly, improving the quality of a medical program requires the mobilization of medical staff. They should be equipped with enough technical expertise in Quality improvement methods and tools. Medical staff in a quality improvement program includes the medical clinicians, laboratory technicians, and pharmacists. Quality services of a medical staff improve the services of Services of any medical program. Clinicians ensure that patients receive quality medical care. They also ensure that all patients/clients receive their medical prescription according to the doctor’s prescription. They coordinate quality care by ensuring that all the equipment’s needed during medical services are readily available. Extensive involvement of the medical staff enhances the effectiveness of quality improving strategies. Furthermore, the participation of senior physicians should ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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