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Instructor: Clayton State University School of Nursing Health Illness Transitions II -NURS 3701 COMMUNITY DATAFORM NAME: COMMUNITY: DEMOGRAPHICS Population by AGE for years You can change years according to most recent available data…
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Community Paper
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Download file to see previous pages 524 8,186,453 8,829,383 281,421,906 293,045,739 Source: Population by RACE 2004 The newer books might have these listed as non-Hispanic, White etc. Feel free to change. (Newton) County Black Hispanic White Native Americans Asian Other # % # % # % # % # % # % 24,451 22.08 2,376 1.87 55,312 74.20 183 0.21 903 0.72 70 0.11 State of Georgia Black Hispanic White Native Americans Asian Other # % # % # % # % # % # % 2,612,936 28.48 598,322 5.32 5,862,978 62.65 27,457 0.22 229,741 2.10 11275 0.14 United States Black Hispanic White Native Americans Asian Other # % # % # % # % # % # % 2,349,542 28.7 35,305,818 12.55 194,552,774 69.13 2,068,883 0.74 10,123,169 3.60 467,770 0.17 LEVEL OF EDUCATION Age 25 + High School 13,601 34.75 1,486,006 28.65 52,168,981 28.63 Associates 1,610 4.11 269,740 5.20 11,512,833 6.32 Bachelors 3,715 9.49 829,873 16.00 28,317,792 15.54 Graduate 1,977 5.05 430,305 8.30 16,144,813 8.86 Source: INCOME BY HOUSEHOLD (Newton) County Georgia United States Year 2000 2000 2000 # % # % # % 200,000 308 1.40 70,843 2.36 2,502,675 2.37 MEDIAN INCOME (Newton) County Georgia United States 2000 44,875 41,901 41,990 Source: HEALTH STATISTICS Legend: T=Total W=White AA=African American O=Other Ethnic Group Use the following two forms for Mortality and Morbidity rates that are specific to your target population. _ (Deaths and percent of deaths; SIDS) ____________MORTALITY RATE per 100,000 population ***Change years for your data if necessary!!!!** Georgia (Newton) County T W AA T W AA 2000 113 44 69 2 0 2 2001 112 60 51 1 0 1 2002 141 78 59 4 2 2 2003 104 50 54 2 1 1 2004 130 68 59 1 0 1 (Source: For US, Health United States, Statistical Abstract of the US, [will need several years], MMWR, Prevention Profile.) For GA/County, use Georgia Vital Statistics for the year requested. _ (Sexually transmitted disease cases and rate) ____________ MORBIDITY RATE per 100,000 populations Georgia (Newton) County T W AA T W AA 2000 52,642 5,006 30,015 216 38 124 2001 53,258 4,795 25,479 296 47 147 2002 55,347 5,916 31,868 347 62 175 2003 55,624 6,239 30,802 380 63 202 2004 52,388 5,277 26,340 371 42 157 (Source: For US, Health United States, MMWR, Prevention Profile, Local and State Health Departments, CDC) The focus of this paper is on AIDS as a community health issue in Newton County, the state of Georgia in the United States. There lacks a representative national system of surveillance of the prevalence of AIDS infections (Prachakul, Grant and Keltner, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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