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Vtiamin D Deficiency Developing, Implementing and Evaluating a -Based Intervention - Research Paper Example

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Topic:  Vitamin D Deficiency: Developing, implementing and evaluating a research-based intervention I. Problem: Compliance with National Practice Guideline X Summary of the problem Health care system is burdened in the recent times and the public health issue with the middle-aged and elderly is reaching new heights, attracting the need for timely and appropriate interventions in the health care management practices of chronic diseases like CVD, NIDDM and obesity among others…
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Vtiamin D Deficiency Developing, Implementing and Evaluating a Research-Based Intervention
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Download file to see previous pages The issue is aggravated with low levels of vitamin D. National Institute of Health (NIH) and the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) guidelines recommend that a 800 to 1000 IU daily supplement of vitamin D to maintain >30 nmg/L levels and this needs appropriate interventions as the need of the hour as practitioners and health care providers need to enhance their knowledge base on the harmful effects of vitamin D deficiency. II. Relevance to nursing and the value of the project to the advancement of nursing knowledge Patient concordance can be improved by effectively equipping the practitioners with relevant knowledge on the need for maintaining appropriate vitamin D levels. Lee (2001) observes that at least 50 percent of chronic diseases can be prevented, and health promotion is a major concern in preventing these all-cause diseases. Health promotion is defined as “combination of health education and related organizational, economic, and environmental supports for behaviour change of individuals” (Green and Kreuter, 1991, Lee, 2001) in which health education is the primary concern. Health education focuses on health behaviour which is central to health promotion and is found to affect at multiple levels through personal and interpersonal health behaviours (Lee, 2001). Health of an individual is perceived more as an additive process due to the influences of environment, physical and psychological factors as viewed by Nightingale. Further, health is not just the absence of disease but a multi-dimensional concept that is more relevant to the 21st century health concern. It is also the major concern regards nursing, apart from the other three nursing metaparadigms: person, environment and nursing. Being a self-standing concept in the field of nursing, health is promoted as a holistic process for adapting oneself to social, psychological and biological changes through goal-driven behaviour to implement the four health models described by Edelman and Mandle (2004): clinical, role performance, adaptive and eudaimonistic models (Lippincott and Lippincott, 2008). Health promotion enhances the concept of health and along with preventive paradigm, forms the basis for health belief model (HBM) and further, Pender’s health promotion (PHP) model. Many of the other models of nursing and health care are based on these two models. As nurses engage in complex functions like health education, assist, supervise or carry out medical treatments suggested by physicians, their role in health promotion becomes is crucial and is based primarily on PHP model. Nurses play a crucial role in “the process of enabling people to increase control over and improve their health” (WHO, 1984, p5; Mackey, 2002, p4). III. Intervention: Analysis of Institution Unit X’s adherence to National Practice Guideline X within the past 6 months Describe selected intervention. Education training program as an effective intervention program is suggested for a target audience which includes practitioners, nurses, and other providers of health care. The nursing process is similar to the education process and involves the four stages: assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation. PHP model focuses on four related aspects of intervention: inputs, outputs, activities and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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