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Critical Analysis: Burn Dressing - Research Paper Example

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Abstract A random sample of ER burn dressing cases at Queensland in 2011 was done. It revealed deficiencies in the basic practices of nurses in their effort to attend to patients who complain about burns. The person served apparently wanted something to ease the pain…
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Critical Analysis: Burn Dressing
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Download file to see previous pages This involves a Level 3 or 4 case based on the condition of the patient who can still interact with the nurse. However, that fact was not confirmed in any way. By April 7, 2011, Alison Sandy and Sophie Elsworth released government reports kept secret which stated patients die even before directly attended to by senior doctors. Documents said patients were not treated like there was an emergency. The patient was stable but choking and “symptoms included drooling, not speaking much, and dry wretching” (Sandy & Elsworth 2011). He arrived 8:09 pm. The doctor became available only after 1 hour + 11 minutes. He died 9:20 pm. The Nurse-in-charge responded to that patient by asking a resident doctor for a prescription to relieve pain. Further analysis revealed lack of proper standard operating procedures for nurses when patients complain about symptoms of burns. Nurses need to be aware of in-depth understanding of burns and how patients with the symptoms should be urgently treated within minutes of arrival at the ER. This paper provides that vital information to prevent further underestimations of burn dressing cases. ...
red not in danger of death, the fact that he entered the ER means there must be an urgent reason why he was choking and feeling the pain and discomfort of choking. With some explanations for the patient, a nurse must act quickly by intubation and resuscitation. Vital signs of life must first be secured with intubation for the choking patient and also resuscitation with fluids. “Inhalation burns can cause rapid and serious airway compromise,” says Nancy Caroline (2010, p.20-8). Assessment of suspected burns-related inflammation within should be next. Other physical inspections should be included. For purposes of explaining why intubation and resuscitation should be immediately attempted, a nurse may clarify that sometimes, inflammation worsens due to chemical effect until it will be difficult to perform intubation. It would be better to secure definite access to oxygen through intubation while assessment of potential internal burns take place. A nurse will do more harm than good if no assessment is done prior to choosing the steps leading to a resolution of the burned areas. Wet dressings for burns should be limited to the 1st degree and 2nd degree types of burns while 3rd degree burns of full thickness, blackened, and insensitive burns should be given dry dressing. It is because the wet dressing on 3rd degree burns causes contamination and hypothermia, says Richard Beebe and Jeffrey Myers (2011, p.223). When the case involves chemical burns, first identify what chemical caused the burns. Applying water to administer wet dressing might “cause an exothermic reaction that worsens the burn”(p. 223). Chemicals like lithium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium react to water. Before washing out the chemical, paramedics or nurses should first cover the burned area with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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