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Nurse Practice in NYS versus Florida State - Assignment Example

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Nurse Practice in NYS versus Florida State Name Institution Overview of Nursing Practice Regulation Nursing practice in America has its legal requirements that ensure that the health, safety and overall welfare of the general public are well addressed. The legal requirements for nursing also ensure that the integrity of the profession is well protected…
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Nurse Practice in NYS versus Florida State
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Download file to see previous pages A noteworthy provision in NPAs is the creation of nursing boards that govern nursing practices in every state. NPAs were not in existence before 1903, hence, before this period, people practiced nursing in whichever manner they wanted. Before this period, quality care to patients was not taken into consideration, thus, the birth of Nurse Practice Acts was a boost towards quality patient care in the US (Fulton, 2010). NYS Nurse Practice Act Established in 1948, the NYS NPA governs nursing procedures in the state. Section 6902 of the Act defines the practice of nursing as a profession of treating and diagnosing people with actual health problems. It further stipulates that registered nurses ought to be licensed when conducting tasks pertaining to health counseling, health teaching and provision of restorative and supportive care (Fulton, 2010). a) License Requirements Anyone using the title of ‘Registered Nurse’’ is expected to get a certificate from the NYS Education Department, and to receive the practice certificate in the state, one must meet the education requirements as stipulated by the department. Furthermore, one must have a registered NYS license that indicates that he/she is a registered nurse. A registered nurse in NYS is expected to specialize in a particular area before a license can be offered. Currently, there are many specialty areas in nursing including Adult Health, Community Health, College Health, Gerontology, Family Health, Neonatology, Pediatrics, Holistic Care, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Palliative Care, Psychiatry and Perinatology (Fulton, 2010). However, one may be authorized to practice in more than one specialty. Before one can be authorized to practice in more than one specialty, one is required to obtain a certificate of every specialty that shows that he/ she has met the set educational requirements. Once the authorization has taken place, one is expected to maintain the professional nurse license and the RN certificate. Certificate fees in each RN specialty area amount to $85, $50 being the application fee and $35 being the initial registration fee. However, these fees are subject to change. Applicants are required not to send fee in the form of cash, but instead they are required to mail their fees and applications to the NYS Education Department. All practitioners who have been licensed are expected to adhere to the NYS NPA rules of conduct. These rules are well defined in the Education Law which has highlighted clearly all definitions of professional and unprofessional conduct. The laws, rules and regulations for RN in NYS are all contained in Title 8 of the NYS Education Law. Therefore, every licensee is governed by these rules and laws (Bullough, 2004). b) Education Requirements and Training Before certification as a NYS RN, one is expected to satisfy the education requirements that are stipulated in the NYS Education Law. One is expected to meet the criteria of section A or section B or section C ,and in addition to this one, must meet requirements for section D. Criteria A requires that one must complete a NP educational program as offered by the NYS Education Department. Criteria B allows one to be a practitioner if there is certification of nursing practice from any of the following; American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, American Nurses Credentialing Center, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Nurse Practice in NYS Versus Florida State Assignment.
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