Analysis of Effectiveness of Two Cushions in the Prevention of Heel Pressure Ulcers Study - Essay Example

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The author analyzes the study "Effectiveness of Two Cushions in the Prevention of Heel Pressure Ulcers" which intends to determine if the rate of effectiveness in utilizing two cushions for the geriatric population as a means to prevent heel pressure ulcers.  …
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Analysis of Effectiveness of Two Cushions in the Prevention of Heel Pressure Ulcers Study
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Extract of sample "Analysis of Effectiveness of Two Cushions in the Prevention of Heel Pressure Ulcers Study"

Download file to see previous pages At the beginning of the introduction, the researchers presented the facts as to why conducting a study about heel pressure ulcers was important. It is considered as a common problem in clinical practice and is deemed burdensome on both human and financial terms. The manifestation of heel pressure ulcers affects the patient both physically and mentally, inclusive of the fact that it adds to the expenses in clinical treatment. Thus, the researchers chose to assess two different cushions in terms of effectiveness in preventing heel pressure ulcers (Braden and Blanchard, 2007). The study has also defined what pressure ulcers are, including the means of how it can be prevented. In general, these measures are to reduce the duration or reduce the magnitude of pressure and shearing forces. In that regard, the researchers analyzed that the reduction of the duration of shear and pressure can be carried out through repositioning the patient or through the use of alternating pressure air mattresses (Heyneman, et. al, 2009). Since both variables can be reduced through the utilization of a tool that would increase the contact surface of the patient with the underlying support surface. The researchers then elaborated on the products with varying pressure reducing capacity in terms of effectiveness. ...
This can be done through putting a pillow under the patient's legs so that the heels would be suspended above the mattress. This method is deemed viable as the heel zone would not be subjected to any pressure, and the pressure is distributed accordingly in the lower leg, as supported by the pillow. The study cited five studies they have acquired in PubMed in reference to the pressure reducing qualities of pillows, as well as each of the product's effectiveness in terms of removing heel pressure ulcers. The studies included were from Smith (1984), De Keyser et al. (1994), Tymec et al. (1997), Cheney (1993) and Collins et al. (2002).     ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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