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Analysis of a study article Descriptive Vividness - Research Paper Example

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Analysis of a Research Study Article The research article ‘ “I did not intend to stop. I just could not stand cigarettes anymore.” A qualitative interview study of smoking cessation among the elderly’ by Astri Medbo, Hasse Melbye and Carl Edvark Rudebeck is a study of interviews of elderly persons regarding the stopping of smoking…
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Analysis of a research study article Descriptive Vividness
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Download file to see previous pages Actually the objective of the researchers was to find methods on how to implement a successful conversation on the part of the General Practitioners to urge patients to quit smoking. Descriptive Vividness The obvious thing which strikes the reader after reading the research paper is it vividness in description. The article starts with an abstract with gives a brief synopsis of the background, the methods, the results and the conclusion of the survey. The authors then proceed to describe each of these points in detail. The Background of the paper narrates the previous records of such surveys in cigarette smoking, the purpose of this survey, the sample population selected for the research and in general the theories deduced from previous surveys on cigarette smoking. The paper gives a brief overview of the method used (QCA) for deducing the results and goes on to describe the participants of the survey. This section enumerates how the interviewees were chosen from among the population and how ethical and legal permission was obtained for the survey. The paper then describes the interview process which was conducted in the participants’ home by the General Practitioner. ...
The paper follows up the results a vivid discussion on the empirical results. This contains the analytical portion of the paper. The research ends with the Concluding part which presents the practical results of the survey in a nutshell. The role of the spouses and close associates in the life of a smoker is found to be very significant and can influence him to stop smoking. Also General Practitioners can become successful in encouraging their smoking patients to quit smoking, if they cite case studies from previous history. Therefore, the paper describes at length the entire research process. Methodological Congruence Tromso is a city on Northern Norway which housed 61,000 residents in 2001. The population of Tromso, which was above the age of sixty, was surveyed and it was discovered that 82% of the men and 53% of the women had been daily smokers at one point of time. Out of this, 23% of both the men and women still used to smoke. Thus, a large number of the population had stopped smoking. When the researchers wanted to discover methods to encourage people to stop smoking, the population of Tromso proved to be very suitable. Thus, it can be inferred that the sample population selected for the survey interview had the characteristics of being a good sample population. (Medbo, Melbye & Rudebeck 2011 p2) The surveyors designed as Interview Guide which outlined the general guidelines of the Interview Process. It did not follow a very strict format; instead the guidelines of the process were semi-structured. There are both advantages we well as disadvantages of such a format. There are some people who are comfortable answering a lenient form of interview, which is not based on a strict question format. Such people offer their honest opinions ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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