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QUALITATIVE STUDY CRITIQUE SUBMITTED BY: SUBMITTED TO: INSTITUTE: DATE OF SUBMISISON: 1. INTRODUCTION This paper attempts to critique a research article titled: ‘First generation Korean American parents’ perceptions of discipline’ by Kim and Hong (2007)…
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Qualitative Critique
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Download file to see previous pages 1.1 Research aims, purpose and rationale The twofold aim and purpose of this study have been clearly stated by the researcher. The main aim of this research was to study the Korean-American parent’s perceptions regarding common discipline strategies in the United States of America while the secondary aim was to explore the specific discipline strategies used by the Korean American parents. The study therefore aimed at yielding some useful data regarding the differential discipline related strategies used by Korean American parents; to assist the individuals in healthcare sector, especially nurses in providing effective assistance and guidance to Korean American parents regarding discipline training of their children. According to Ariola (2006), a complete research paper must state the rationale of the study, a justification that the research was needed. In case of this study, the author has justified the need as follows: Korean Americans are the third largest minority living in the United States and the author states that little is known about the Korean culture and family life. This poses a problem for the nurses and health care professionals while evaluating and giving advice regarding disciplining the children. ...
According to Smith and Lytle (1990), teachers play an important role in research. Teachers should be encouraged to conduct research since this ensures their professional development. Kim therefore is a very suitable candidate for research. The other researcher, namely Hong is a doctoral student in social work. Nursing and social work are very closely linked to each other (Beard, 1917); it therefore appears to be a good idea to conduct collaborative research processes like the current one. 2. METHODOLOGY The study was based on qualitative methodology, using interviews as research tool, with a sample of seven first-generation Korean American parents who were recruited for the study via network sampling technique. The choice of interview as research tool is very appropriate in light of the research aims. According to Holloway & Wheeler (2002), interviewing is the best tool for data collection in exploratory studies. 3. FINDINGS AND CONCLUSIONS OF THE STUDY 3.1 Results The findings of the study are listed systematically in addition to tabular presentation. The researchers report that there are differences in the Korean and Korean American discipline teaching strategies among parents. Hitting/spanking and less hugging/kissing are perceived as more Korean style in comparison to time out, rewards and kissing/hugging, which are perceived as American styles. 3.2 Implications and Recommendations Implications of current research and recommendations for future research studies have been dutifully stated in the conclusion by the researchers. Implications include: better understanding of Korean American culture based discipline strategies which will place nurses in a better position to understand this cultural ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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