Support/Decision Making Systems Business Scenario in a Graduate level Informatics and Application Systems in Healtcare Course - Research Paper Example

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Clinical Decision: Support/Decision-Making Systems Business Scenario in a Graduate Level Informatics and Application Systems in Healthcare Course Date Abstract The business challenge of this essay is the application of information technology in the healthcare system, particularly the delivery of health care services in the critical care setting…
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Support/Decision Making Systems Business Scenario in a Graduate level Informatics and Application Systems in Healtcare Course
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Download file to see previous pages However, these technologies have minimum threshold needed to support the complex critical care units. Analysis of the business process found out that Australia was the first to adopt and develop effective e-health solutions particularly in improvements of supply chain management, evidence-based practice, use of internet to deliver health services, intranets, and implementation of electronic health records. Analysis of the organizations and business processes starts when current methodologies used in delivering care were no longer efficient and productive thus, business process redesign/re-engineering (BPR) was reconstructed. BPR portray the real image of the process and the simulation such as BPR framework applied in informatics such as telemedicine, intensive care units, ViCCU and eICU, thus the integration of BPR framework in analyzing the application of telemedicine in Australian healthcare system will lead to the development of a new approach in delivering healthcare to the ICU. After analysis of the business process scenario is the analysis of the requirements for the solution to the business problem. Requirements analysis is one of the fundamental systems engineering activities and is designed to identify the customers’ needs. The basis for requirement analysis in information technology applied in critical care units depends upon the process input which includes customer needs/objectives/requirements in critical care units encompassing missions, measures of effectiveness, environments, and constraints, technology base, output requirements from prior development effort, program decision requirements, and requirements applied through specification and standards. Requirements analysis analyzes missions and environments in healthcare ICU, identifies functional requirements, define/redefine performance and design, and constraint requirements. Requirements for the business problems include increase funding or budget, transformation of health care informatics management, development of a national collaborative approach, guidelines on legalities and confidentiality issues of clients, and standards of health information management and technology, of staff education, change, attitudes, organizational culture, fact finding tools, project management, and hardware installation. Based on the requirements analysis, solutions identified are: clearly state the role of federal government in policymaking and health financing to update the application of telemedicine, exploitation of Australian government to develop health connect, and use of mobile communication technology in delivering health services. After thorough analysis of the business scenario, the following recommendations are made: Increase federal funding of information technology applied in health care to support the complexity of applied-information technology in critical care units and to reduce the cost of health care Health care professionals need to be trained in information technology particularly in telemedicine, eICU, and ViCCU. Impose directive change among health care staff to avoid resilience from applying information technology to the field of health care. Improve the organizational structure of health care in Australia ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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