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Health Promotion in Nursing Care Health Promotion in Nursing Care The World Health Organization defines health promotion as “the process of enabling people to increase control over, and to improve, their health” (World Health Organization)…
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Health Promotion in Nursing Care
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Download file to see previous pages The first article by Ellenbecker, C., Bryne, K., O’Brien, E. & Rogosta (2001), tackled health promotion used to prevent diseases in the elderly. The sample population for this study is composed of elderly individuals who reside in a subsidized senior housing in Massachusetts (Ellenbecker, C. Bryne, K., O' Brien, E. & Rogosta, C., 2001, p. 9). On-site student nursing clinic were developed for the elderly to achieve improved health outcomes by making available health promotion and disease prevention services. The clinic’s activities involved outreach programs, screenings, influenza clinics and health education. Since the residents of this housing have a tendency to be isolated and are not aware of the nursing clinic’s healthcare services, the students decided to conduct outreach programs. Students go door-to-door and conduct home visits. Students may help the residents with their activities of daily living like bathing, cleaning, grooming, etc (Ellenbecker, C. Bryne, K., O' Brien, E. & Rogosta, C., 2001, p. 12). Screenings were developed to identify potential health problems. Students base the screening on the residents needs. They screen for high blood pressure, depression, tuberculosis, elevated blood glucose levels and hearing and vision problems. This provides continued monitoring and follow ups which benefit the isolated elders immensely. The influenza clinic plays a major role in the immunization of the elderly in the housing. Students provide education, supplies, paperwork and final reports. This activity has health not only the residents but also the city health department in their goal of immunizing at risk populations. Students provide a variety of educational presentation based on what the residents are interested in. this include smoking cessation, prostate cancer, STDs, diabetes, alcohol and substance use, diet and nutrition and medication use. Individual health education is also done during clinic visits. Health education promotes self-care and supplemental support that the elderly needs. A variety of positive results can be seen from the in-site clinic (Ellenbecker, C. Bryne, K., O' Brien, E. & Rogosta, C., 2001, pp. 12-14). Some of which are the following: residents were able to give the name of their healthcare provider and report regular visit to the clinic, they receive flu and pneumonia vaccines, resident’s blood pressures were maintained within normal limits, residents post their medication list and emergency record in their apartment, blood sugar levels were recorded by the residents, etc. In the second article by Riley, M., Locke, A. & Skye, E. (2011), the sample population consisted of school-aged children, specifically from kindergarten to early adolescence. Health promotion is important is crucial at this age because children are just starting to establish patterns of behaviour. This is the vital time that the parents and the school work together to provide a conducive environment for learning. Both parents and school management should be educated on what is important for their children. A major factor for a child to learn is healthy lifestyle (Riley, M., Locke, A. & Skye, E., 2011, p. 691). This can be achieved through dietary counselling, adequate physical activity, appropriate screen time or TV time, sufficient rest and sleep, proper dental care and safety. Also, high-risk behaviours to avoid are tobacco, alcohol and drug use, and sexual activity. Armed with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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