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An analysis of why strategic planning is important for FBI Investigations - Research Paper Example

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Running head: An analysis of why strategic planning is important for FBI Investigations Insert Name Insert Insert 4 July 2011 Strategic Planning Introduction Strategic planning is a process that defines an organization’s strategy in deciding on resources allocation…
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An analysis of why strategic planning is important for FBI Investigations
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Download file to see previous pages According to Beinhocker (2006 pp 2), when preparing for strategic planning, the management should make sure that decisions made are in line with the strategy of the organization; hence, the management is able to respond effectively to challenges and also opportunities when they occur. An organization should also increase its innovativeness and an open mind to allow room for creative thinking. According to Hanna (1989, pp4), in his article, he emphasizes on the importance of strategic planning being flexible, selective and responsive, such that, it should increase creative thinking and understanding. In addition, managers must embrace the strategy and must aim at meeting the customer’s needs. The author further adds that the management should incorporate a clear mission, a well thought and communicated strategy, and the management drive, in which they are expected to be communicators and motivators to the rest of the staff. The federal bureau of investigation According to FBI (2007, pp5), the federal bureau of investigation (FBI) intelligence operations include the war against terrorism. The FBI priorities vary from protecting the United States against foreign intelligence operations and attacks via cyber and high tech crimes. ...
Nevertheless, the threats on national security, for instance, the attempt on airline bombing during Christmas by the al Qaeda and the cyber intrusion at Google are some of the challenges that the FBI has had to deal with. Corruption cases are also numerous and so are health scams and ponzi schemes that affect the American citizens who rely on the FBI for justice. Why strategic planning is important for FBI Investigations According to Bryson (2004 pp 301), for an organization to be effective in its strategic planning, it needs to articulate the importance of strategic planning, whereby, they should highlight their competencies, changes, and the strategic issues that the organization is likely to face in the future. The organization should also be willing to commit resources such as money, time, and energy. The leaders should also emphasize that strategic planning will impact change that could be beneficial to the workforce. The management should also be to reward those participants that contribute to creative thinking, as a way of motivating them for their contributions in creative ideas. Strategic planning is very important for any organization. In addition, it requires the consideration of both internal and external factors (Simerson, 2011 pp 16). Hence, it is evident that a strategic plan can be compared to a road map of an organization. The Strategic Planning Process Mission &       Objectives         Environmental   Scanning Strategy     Formulation      Strategy  Implementation         Evaluation       & Control Source: Strategic planning process ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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