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Pedophilia - Research Paper Example

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Customer Inserts His/her Name Customer Inserts Customer Inserts Grade Course (02, 07, 2011) Pedophilia Introduction There certain crimes that are so morally demeaning that just by hearing their names an immediate frown comes on our faces. These crimes are so disgusting that sane people fail to understand why people commit such crimes…
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Extract of sample "Pedophilia"

Download file to see previous pages Pedophile is sexually attracted not towards opposite sex people but towards young children. Pedophiles abuse children in order to satisfy their sexual desires. This is why they pose a threat to the society. Pedophilia is considered as a mental disorder according to the International Classification of Diseases (WHO, 2007). Treatment of this disease is not known today. In this essay we will argue why a crimes like pedophilia are still persistent in our society. Absence of Appropriate Punishment Appropriate punishment can hinder any crime. It is in human nature to give in to emotional desires and only threat of punishment can stop criminals from committing any kind of crime. It is very hard for human beings to control his or her impulses therefore law and order and its enforcement is important in order to maintain the balance of the society. This balance will be only be maintained if appropriate punishment will be given to the criminals in accordance with the crimes they commit. Treatment of pedophiles in the justice system is not appropriate and that is why pedophilia is still persistent in our society today. Perpetuators of sexual abuse on children are not punished severely by the criminal system due to many reasons. Mostly children are not able to explain what has happened to them and that is why pedophiles are not identified. ...
When sexually abused children feel that this is too part of life and therefore are not likely to report such incidents. This is a big hindrance in the punishment of pedophiles. They take advantage of this and continue their crimes. Also in the justice system there are certain loop holes and pedophiles exploit them to avoid punishments for their crimes. Children can usually not recount what has happened to them and are mostly not able to testify in courts. This is why pedophiles go free and are not convicted in court. It is also hard to prove sexual abuse on children because abuse is different from that on adults. Sexual intercourse usually doesn’t happen with children and pedophiles use different ways to satisfy and pleasure themselves. This is why it is hard to prove sexual abuse on children due to lack of DNA evidence. When sexual intercourse happen DNA tests can easily prove that but this is usually not the case with children. This is another problem in the legal system which is exploited by pedophiles. Also laws made for the sex offenders are based on emotions and do not focus strategically on the eradication of the crime itself (Lynch, M. 2006). This is another reason why punishment received by pedophiles is not enough. The nature of the crime committed by pedophiles is different from other crimes. First of all it is important to understand that pedophilia is a mental disorder. It is not a crime like murder or theft where criminal is committing the crime at his or her own discretion. In the case of pedophilia criminal should be treated as a patient. He is doing the crime because he is mentally sick. This difference should be taken into account before sentencing a pedophile. The sentence of a pedophile should be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Case Study: Pedophilia and Credit Card Fraud in the Internet

... in flagrante. In 1995, for example, a 10-year old Maryland boy went missing after he was lured by pedophiles out of his home leading the FBI to launch Operation Innocent Images, where a number of pedophiles who used America-on-Line for their criminal activities were eventually caught and arrested (Durkin 2001 p. 2). This paper examines the case of Mr. X, a suspected pedophile also believed to be engaged in credit card fraud to perpetuate his activities related to pedophilia in the internet. The objective of this paper is to draw out a plan to investigate and finally find proof of Mr. X’s pedophile activities in the internet where he is believed to be enticing children through trough online chatting, email and text messaging. The details...
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Pedophilia and stepfathers

... that older members of the family be aware and cautious of the stepfather’s behavior towards the child and vice versa to detect early signs of pedophilia. Characteristics of Abusers Characterizing child sexual abusers has proven difficult because it is subjective. Continuous empirical study, however, has allowed allowed a profile or list of traits that distinguish this group. The purpose of this list is to help people ascertain which traits to look out to identify pedophiles. This is to prevent sexual abuse from happening not only with their own child but with other children as well. Although the characteristics may vary from one person to another, a general approach may still help categorize sexual abusers (Millon, Simonsen, Birket-Smith...
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Causes and Treatments of Pedophilia

.... The presence of pedophilia causes society to react, to always be on the defensive. Similarly, such a diseasing, injurious obsession is challenging to society for a number of reasons. For one, pedophilia is not easily detected--it is not visible. Even though the act itself is a physical one, the sexual desire that is present inside of an adult for a child is secreted from the world. Secondly, those that are afflicted with pedophilia are reluctant to come clean about their lust for children. Accepting responsibility for their actions is as demanding as acknowledging that their addiction to nonconsenting or even consenting children is unethical. Thirdly, monitoring pedophilia is problematical. The difficulty arises because the majority...
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PsychologicalSexual deviances: Pedophilia

...condition falls into the category of paraphilias. There are many definitions to pedophilia. Commonly pedophilia is described as "any adult who is sexually attracted to children or who sexually abuses a child" (American Heritage Dictionary). Medically, this condition is defined as "a psychological disorder in which an adult experiences a sexual preference for prepubescent children" (WHO, 2007). According to DSM-4-TR, "Pedophilia is a type of paraphilia in which a person recurrent, intense, sexually arousing fantasies, sexual urges or behaviors that generally involve nonhuman subjects, the suffering or humiliation of oneself or ones partner, or children or other non-consenting persons"...
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...between sexual trauma and pedophilic behavior (Bartol & Bartol, 2014). Blockage Theories The blockage theories of pedophilia argue that pedophilic behavior emanates from the blockage of normal sexual satisfaction from adult interactions. These theories posit that pedophiles become sexually attracted to children out of frustrations from sexual contacts with adults. Blockage theories argue that unassertive, awkward, and timid personalities of pedophiles hamper the development of social and sexual relations with adults. For instance, a breakdown of a marital status may influence a pedophile to pursue sexual contact with their daughter (Bartol & Bartol, 2014). Disinhibition Theories Disinhibition theories of...
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What Causes a Person to Become a Sex Offender

...xual relations with children. This type of offenders is of particular danger to the society. They have attractions only to children, who are generally not related to them. This attraction appears in the adolescence and often irresistible. Such offenders usually share some common features with children and have not grown up fully /Groth, Hobson & Gary, 1982/. This type of offenders is inclined to pedophilia by nature and their behavior doesn’t result from any stress experienced in childhood. Such offenders typically don’t have any sexual relationships with coevals and, moreover, they are usually are unable to psychosexual maturity. The victims of fixated offenders are males not related or even not acquainted to them. These offenders...
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Fetishism, Transvestic Fetishism, Pedophilia, Exhibitionism, Sexual Sadism, and Masochism

...wearing them. This has caused a bit of a problem, because as I said before, I sometimes wear women’s clothing to feel calm, while at the same time wearing women’s clothing can cause anxiety. I don’t know what I would do if my secret ever got out at the office. Pedophilia Therapist: Why don’t you tell me why you’ve come here today? Client: I have been greatly disturbed by my attraction to young girls. I know that it is wrong but I can’t help it. Therapist: How young are these girls you are attracted to? Client: About ten years old. Therapist: Have you acted on this attraction? Client: No, I haven’t, but I’m afraid that I might. The desire is so strong at times. I don’t know what to do. Therapist: Are you...
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The Philippines Turns a Blind Eye on Trafficking

... being thrown into prostitution because of the continuously declining Southeast Asian economy. This growth in prostitution increases the risk of AIDS, specifically as contraceptive costs have increased with the devaluation in local currency and penniless government shares in distribution programs (Zulueta 2005, 132). A. Philippine Tourism and Human Trafficking The Philippines is one of the favorite countries of pedophile sex vacationers from the United States and Europe. Men from the United Kingdom and Australia are major suspects as masterminds of child prostitution in the Philippines. Recent cases of pedophilia tried in the Philippine courts involved British national, even though there are allegedly more Australian national suspects...
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Developing a Research Base for Intravenous Peripheral Cannula Resites

...Context of the Paper To begin with, the of the paper is very much apt for the content. Although the could have come up with a more direct title, the title “Developing a Research base for Intravenous Peripheral cannula re-sites. A randomized controlled trial” captures the essence of the paper and what the authors aim to address. They, however, could have made it more direct to the point by maybe saying that the study is about a comparison between 3 day cannula re-sites and cannula re-sites as dictated by clinical condition. Nonetheless, the chosen t title is suitable enough to briefly inform the reader of the topic of the research. Two hypotheses were tested in this paper. There are two groups that were compared in the paper... of the Paper ...
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Internet Censorship

... Internet Censorship The internet is a global medium used for communication as well as in transferring information (McLelland 61). It is ideally a print medium. For these reasons, the internet serves as a significant tool in the daily lives of human beings. As a source of entertainment, information and business, the internet acts as a resource that serves people all over the world. The Internet is easy to access and, therefore, even children are aware of it and use it since it has information on nearly all topics in the world (McLelland 62). However, despite the vast importance of the internet, certain restrictions like censorship have been contemporarily placed. Internet censorship is the manipulation of certain information... Internet...
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