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Entreprenuership Failure - Research Paper Example

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Entrepressneurship Failure Research Paper Table of Contents Entrepressneurship Failure Research Paper 1 Table of Contents 2 Failure Introduction 3 Description of Business of Oasis Hong Kong Airlines 3 Competitors of Oasis Hong Kong Airlines 4 Mission and Vision of Oasis Hong Kong Airlines 5 Reason for Failure 5 Analysis 9 Conclusion 11 References 12 Failure Introduction Description of Business of Oasis Hong Kong Airlines Oasis Hong Kong Airlines was an airline enterprise of Hong Kong…
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Entreprenuership Failure Research Paper
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Extract of sample "Entreprenuership Failure"

Download file to see previous pages Till 2005, Oasis had satisfied the customers because it provided consistent and faithful flight experience. In the past, Oasis was possessed and managed by Singapore Airlines and its maintenance operation was handled by Hong Kong HAECO. Its first flight operation was from Hong Kong to London (MapXL, 2011). It had expanded its routes from London to Europe and North American countries. Besides major European cities, it had expanded its routes to Berlin, Cologne, Oakland and Chicago. It was anticipated that Oasis will further increase its base to the other cities of America. The popularity of Oasis had increased to a large extent that it’s ‘Boeing 747 – 400’ plane was recognized as ‘Queen of the Sky’ (MapXL, 2011). The reason for Oasis’s popularity was its comfortable travelling feature and fair cost structure. Oasis had two kinds of services which are business class passenger service and economy class passenger service. The cost of economy class was at a price of ?75. Its business class travel was also inexpensive at the rate of ?470. Oasis operated by coordination with ‘Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department’ to guarantee that the company entirely abided by the rules, regulations and requirements and provided the passengers a safe journey (MapXL, 2011). For making the aviation business more successful, Oasis organized promotional programs. For its promotional activities, Oasis provided its customers with benefits of selecting from list of 21,000 hotels and apartments with splendid discounts. These hotels were located in attractive sites. For attracting the people to make holidays, Oasis provided travelers to select the pick up cars which could be a shared vehicle, private vehicle or chauffer–driven vehicle. The customer had the free right to choose the kind of tour. It could be a scheduled tour or an unscheduled trip (MapXL, 2011). Competitors of Oasis Hong Kong Airlines Oasis not only provided its customers inexpensive fare but it also provided the opportunity to tailor the travelling experience in business class as well as economy class. In the aviation industry, Oasis had faced extremely rigid competition from other enterprises. In the London route the main competitor of Oasis was Air New Zealand which started its flight from Hong Kong to London route in the year 2006. Besides Air New Zealand, the other strong competitor of Oasis was Cathay Pacific. Cathay Pacific offered high class service to customers and it had most efficient airline hub (Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation, 2007). The other competitors of Oasis Hong Kong Airlines are Hong Kong Dragon Airlines Limited, Air Hong Kong Limited, Metro jet Limited, Hong Kong Express Airways Limited and Hong Kong Airlines Limited (Legislative Council Secretariat, 2008). Mission and Vision of Oasis Hong Kong Airlines The mission of Oasis Hong Kong Airlines was to provide low cost travelling to people. Its vision was to stimulate the people by providing inexpensive flight travelling. It was aimed towards helping people to travel most for tourism, educational and business purposes and broaden the horizon of long distance travel which can help to exchange ideas as well as encourage the economy (Anderson, 2007). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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