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Role of therapist in serving the old population - Research Paper Example

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The growth in the aging population in developed countries like US has rendered due complexity to the treatment of complex diseases and chronic illnesses.The treatment of chronic illnesses in case of aging population demands the enhanced involvement of the human factor…
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Role of therapist in serving the old population
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Extract of sample "Role of therapist in serving the old population"

Download file to see previous pages The growth in the aging population in developed countries like United States of America has rendered due complexity to the treatment of complex diseases and chronic illnesses. The treatment of chronic illnesses in case of aging population demands the enhanced involvement of the human factor. The traditional systems of providing healthcare services to the aging population requires a sea change with the incorporation of a team of medical professionals operating in various medical fields. Further the modern health care system focused at elderly population must also encompass a larger network of specialized hospitals and nursing homes. Moreover more effective concepts promoting the development of rehabilitation centers along with home care systems pave the goal to health care success for the old people. This integrated model of modern healthcare is considered to be the most effective in providing proper medical services to the growing ageing population in United States. The aging people tend to become weak and frail to continue with their daily functions. Thus physicians largely relate moderate walking exercises and conducting of other activities where the elderly people can better communicate with themselves as potential instruments to help the elderly population regain confidence. Thus hospitals and nursing homes providing healthcare services to the old population must perform in an integrated network with also assisting collaboration from social and rehabilitation bodies. This will entail success to the treatment offered (Cassel, Fleece, & Reddy, 2009, pp. 47, 52-54). Role of Therapist in serving the old population Family Therapy The increase in the level of life expectancy in the United States is contributing a growth in the elderly population in United States. Further the mass of the elderly population in United States owes its origin to the baby boomer effect in the country. The elderly population in these countries largely feels unsecured about the changes happening in the society. They feel traumatized about the various events happening around their surroundings. Hence elderly people suffering from chronic diseases often feel themselves to have become burdens on their family members and hence suffer from acute depression. In addition to the above effects the elderly people tend to take a lot of medicines by themselves without adhering to prescriptions. This leads to increased complications. Thus therapists taking care of the old population must endeavor to understand the complex family relationships of the elderly people with other factors like loneliness for having lost their spouses. This reflects the pressing need for a proper psychotherapy treatment to be offered to the elderly patients to help revive their condition. However, research shows that only a small fraction of the old population has proper access to this type of treatment. The main causes attributed behind such are lack of proper awareness about the treatment type. Therapists’ failure to convince the old people to take resort to such treatments to cultivate their well-being has resulted into the development of negative mindsets about such treatment. Further the treatment type require high amount of expenditure often not met by the insurance companies thus culminating to their refraining to take resort to such treatments. The therapists providing health care services are also found to ignore the needs for providing psychotherapy to the elderly population. Therapists are often found stating that elderly people are stubborn by nature and hence do not feel the need to change. These medical professionals suffer from lack of training and lack of interest in their endeavor to serve the old population. The therapists tend to draw a stereotypic mindset that the elderly people are tough patients to be treated and hence must be left at their own plight. Thus healthy care bodies have come up in America, which is endeavoring to create mass awareness among the elderly popul ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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