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Article under review: Coombs, T., Deane, F., Lambert, G., & Griffiths, R. (2003). What Influences Patients’ Medication Adherence? Mental Health Nurse Perspectives and a Need for Education and Training. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing. 12, 148-152…
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Nursing article review
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Download file to see previous pages In prescribing drugs to combat these ailments, medical care providers place the responsibility of following the patient’s progress upon themselves. Patients, however, are susceptible to flawed human reasoning and do not always adhere to their prescriptions. With the rising cases of mental health issues, it is imperative that we understand the shortcomings of the health sector that impede delivery of health care. Coombs et al. (2003) analyze the impact of nurses on the prescription process and its subsequent effect on the adherence to medications. In the paper, they analyze the issue from the standpoint of a mental health worker. In the study, they aim to analyze the reactions of health workers on their opinions on the issue of prescription. The introductory analysis of previous works is commendable, in that the writers identify the significance of supporting the medication process since even little changes have drastic results (Coombs et al.2003). The methodology of a piece of research is dependent on the field of study on which the research is based. It also determines the approach and eventual results of the study. In their research, Coombs et al. adopted a case study approach, in which they identified a qualitative based framework. They used questionnaires as their main data collection tool and I believe that this was the most suitable approach owing to the experimental nature of their research. This is because their aim was deterministic, reducing the complexity of the research methods and requiring the exploratory framework provided by the case study approach. The sample size comprises of 76 mental health workers. Sampling was purposive as the researchers wanted to evaluate the experiences of mental health workers on patient adherence to prescription medicine. The sample size is appropriate for the theoretical approach of this study as well as the exploratory study into the effects of staff education. The questions, however, are subject to misinterpretation by the respondents of the survey because they are vague in the area of training and expertise. In employing questionnaires though, they ensured that the data collected allowed for the variability of responses. The results of the article present a well-documented manner with tabulated representations of the responses and the standard deviation between records. The researchers also noted the relation between increased monitoring by nurses and adherence to medication. Nurses’ training and experience in prescription also increases their effectiveness in dealing with medication and side effect issues (Coombs et al, 2003). However, the majority of nurses (88.5%) indicated that their medical training did not include lessons on prescription. In regards to the patients, the survey found that side effects had a negative effect on compliance to prescriptions. The conclusion of their article indicates the complexity of the issue at hand. Many factors influence the adherence to medication, primarily the side effects experienced when under the said medication. The opinions of the people closest to the patients also influence their decision to adhere to their medication. Prior education of the medical practitioners also ranks high on the list of necessities for increasing prescription adherence. The article, however, did not monitor the practitioners at the workplace. This creates the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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