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Practice Innovation for School of Health - Essay Example

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The writer has set the essay “Practice Innovation for School of Health” in the context of an evidence-based practice and practice innovation whereby a focused question has been created for practice innovation. A structured search has also been undertaken to comprehensively give evidence to the question…
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Practice Innovation for School of Health
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Extract of sample "Practice Innovation for School of Health"

Download file to see previous pages Presently, the topic being dealt with is “effect of implementing hourly intentional nursing rounds on health improvement of patients in an acute medical ward.” The entire evidence-based practice and critical analysis of articles are going to be undertaken based on a strict adherence to School of Health & Social Care's guidelines for presentation, referencing and confidentiality and consent (Leighty, 2006). RATIONALE FOR THE CHOICE OF TOPIC The practice of intentional hourly nursing rounds is a practice that has been with the health sector for a very long time. Most often, nurses would take the pain to go round their patients to have a follow up of how well they are doing and responding to treatment (Melnyk and Fineout-Overhold, 2005). This practice was actually associated with several advantages and benefits as in most cases it helped in improving the health situations of patients and reduced hospital-related problems such as falls. However with time, the practice would not be as effective as it used to be because there were general shortage of nurses in most parts of Europe and the United States. Today, the issue of nursing rounds has been revisited because of the advantages that it carries. By successfully completing this research work, there are a number of advantages and importance that are going to be experienced. In the first place, the place of intentional nursing rounds in improving the health of patients in acute medical wards is going to be defined. By definition, there is going to be a clear stand taken on whether or not the practice is really worth its value and whether or not it should be continued. What is more, this is going to be a research with much academic importance as it is going to offer its self as a critical review of existing works of literature to draw conclusions on the relevance, validity, and reliability of the findings that have been made by earlier researchers. Finally, the research work shall be a tool for outlining some of the most needful innovations that are needed in nursing practice, especially when it comes to nurses in acute wards. From a professional perspective, the paper is going to help in reviving the act of evidence-based practice that once use to be the focus and fulcrum around which nursing practices were undertaken. Today, there is much evidence to suggest that because of how most practitioners lack the basic ideas of differentiating between sources of literature that are credible and those that are not, most nursing practitioners have given up on evidence-based practice (Meade, et al, 2006). This has also led its self up to denying nurses of the benefits that they would have had in undertaking evidence-based practice. FOCUSED QUESTION To undertake the present research as an evidence-based practice, there are a number of stages that are going to be used in arriving at the eventual goal of the study. The first of such is the creation of a focused question. The focused question is very relevant to the entire study because it is going to serve as the scope around which data is going to be collected (Orr, Tranum and Kupperschmidt, 2007). By this, reference is being made to the fact that the focused question is going to assist the researcher in knowing the best database to use, the best type of search to undertake, the kind of articles to look for and the type of reviews to undertake.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Practice Innovation for School of Health Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 Words.
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