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Advanced research design - Term Paper Example

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This study was an ethnographic design. An ethnographic design is normally a qualitative method of research that is aimed towards understanding and learning certain phenomenon,which may reflect in one way…
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Advanced research design
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Download file to see previous pages This design is employed in gathering data that are empirical on cultures and societies of humans. Data collection in ethnographic design can take a form of a questionnaire, an interview or observation. In this study, the collection of data was done using the internet based behavioural intervention for increasing physical activity and healthy eating. The interventions used in this study were presented to the participants through the email. This means that the intervention were in the form of a booklet. The sample for this research was made up of consists of college freshman of ages between 18 and 20. The participants were enrolled with the fact that they were willing to complete an internet-based behavioural intervention program to prevent weight gain. The participants were volunteers from a local university and were randomized to either a group of the intervention group or a control group. The dependent variable for this study was the efficiency of the intervention, whereas the independent variable was the different behavioural change for increasing physical activity and healthy eating by individuals who took part in the intervention. The controlled variable for this study was the participants’ ages. This is because the age of the participants did not have any effect on the reduction of weight. Despite the different ages of the subjects, there were no proofs of the age effect on the intervention efficiency response because change in the intervention efficiency response was due to the increasing physical activity and healthy eating by the participants. Hypothesis. The hypothesis for this study would be that increasing the physical activity and healthy eating increases the efficiency of the intervention where as reducing the physical activity and healthy eating will reduce the efficiency of the intervention used. Plan for statistical analysis of the hypothesis. Procedure Materials used. To analyse the hypothesis, the apparatus that would be used for include: A recorded CD, Oral and written explanations about the intervention, a research study, a response booklet and scale to rate the intervention efficiency. An example of such a scales used are: 1--------2--------3--------4--------5--------6--------7--------8--------9--------10 Not at all Very much. In this scales, digit 1 represent little efficiency where as digit 10 represent increased efficiency. Procedure. All subjects will be given oral and written explanation on research and the intervention through heir emails. The subjects will then be given behavioural intervention with highlighted concerns on the process of increasing the physical activity and healthy eating. In this case, the intervention will be made up of various physical activities and tips on healthy eating. The participants will take part in the intervention activities and record all the details from one intervention to another. The subject would measure their weight gain when having little physical activities and when having increased physical activities. Using a scale, the participants will describe the experience in the process of intervention by rating their efficiency of the intervention. All the results obtained would be recorded in a table. Discussion. A table with data on the extend of physical activity, healthy eating, and weight gained would be established. The increase in physical activity and healthy eating would be compared with the weight gain of the participants. The mean, standard deviation, and the mode for the data would be established (Bowling, 2007). A graph of weight gain against the physical ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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