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Experience of being an overseas trained health professional working in mental health, Australia - Dissertation Example

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Experience of being an overseas trained health professional working in mental health, Australia Table of Contents: List of Figures: ………………. p.3 Abstract: ………………. p.4 Declaration: ………………. p.5 Abbreviations: …………………
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Experience of being an overseas trained health professional working in mental health, Australia
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Extract of sample "Experience of being an overseas trained health professional working in mental health, Australia"

Download file to see previous pages p.27 Chapter 7: Conclusion and Recommendation ……………….. p.28 References: ……………….. p.31 List of Figures: Figure 1: comparison of foreign-trained and foreign born doctors in OECD countries. ……….page 13. Abstract Throughout much of the world, there is a shortage of nurses in both medical and psychiatric fields. These shortages will influence the prospects and experiences of medical and mental health professionals seeking to live and work abroad. A literature analysis of current projections on the subject is performed to determine the probable outcomes for nurses migrating to a new country, specifically Australia. A case study analysis using secondary data is obtained and analyzed to develop insights on the cultural differences nurses are likely to experience when attempting to establish themselves in Australia. Declaration: This work contains no material that has been accepted for the award of any other degree or diploma in any university or other tertiary institution and, to the best of my knowledge and belief, contains no material previously published or written by any other person, except where due reference has been made in the text. Abbreviations: ACMHN: Australian College for mental health nurses. OECD: Organization for economic cooperation and development. Chapter 1: Introduction Throughout much of the industrialized world, there have been repeated instances of concern over fluctuating shortages in qualified nurses. (Smith, 2008) The worst shortages tend to occur in low income countries, especially sub-Saharan Africa – the continent which, according to the World Health Organization has 36 out of 57 countries with chronic nursing shortages. There are fundamental issues of migration – people voting with their feet. This problem for Africa and certain third world countries represents an opportunity for industrialized countries to address their own nursing issues (Martin, 2007). Vigorous debate exists concerning the rights and responsibilities of healthcare personnel regarding migration, and what measures could be employed to address these shortages. (Aiken et al. 2004) There is an ebb and flow to the quantity of qualified nursing personnel based on patterns of career choice, and educational opportunity. One strategy by which hospitals and medical organizations can address this shortfall is through a fundamental mechanism of economic exchange: taking an attractive commodity in question from where it is abundant and relocating it to where it is needed. This is often the source of shortfalls in underdeveloped countries, but a shortage of qualified medical professionals is not limited to one society or continent. Certainly, it is to the advantage of British Commonwealth countries to attract talented nurses from abroad, and measures must be taken to encourage and support them to meet the country's own medical needs. There is no doubt that the expertise of nursing personnel is an attractive commodity and extraordinary measures are worthwhile if the nursing shortages can be alleviated where they are most serious. There are numerous pitfalls and challenges for foreign nurses, language being among the foremost, (Konno, 2008) but not always for the most obvious reasons. While knowledge of the English language itself is relatively widespread around the globe, there can still be cultural idiosyncrasies that may lead to errors and confusion as a result of the precise language required for the medical profession. For example, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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