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Impact of micro and macro policies on the elderly with dementia - Essay Example

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Name Institution Instructor Course Date Impact of micro and macro policies on the elderly with dementia Macro and micro policies are policy frameworks formulated to ensure quality in the delivery of healthcare services to a segmented client group in a particular societal setting…
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Impact of micro and macro policies on the elderly with dementia
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Download file to see previous pages For instance, the kind of policies governing the care of children would be very different from those governing adults especially the elderly. Therefore, sensitivity on the handling of these two classes of people is essential to reflect on the absolute care required by them. In this regard, this paper will take a keen look into the micro and macro policies surrounding the provision of quality healthcare in relation to adults with special needs. Moreover, its emphasis will be on the elderly people in the society whose needs appear to be unique as compared to other groups of people. A key eye will be on the elderly especially those with dementia by raising their safeguarding alerts (East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust 7). Lastly, it will also be in contact with the effects of one macro policy through the implementation of the micro level processes. Introduction Dementia is a brain related complication characterized by reduced function on the brain’s responsibilities that may include thinking, speech, behavior, and memory function. Mainly, its experience is due to the occurrence of certain brain diseases that create imparity in the normal brain function. Some of the diseases that this loss of brain functionality associates with are Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease; Alzheimer and in some cases AIDS. ...
Additionally, this condition interferes with a person’s routine and daily function, as their brains no longer respond to brain commands. Unfortunately, this condition is irreversible therefore; the individuals affected require high attention and care. Further, the condition it has two categories; either being Alzheimer or Non Alzheimer related. Alzheimer is the leading cause of dementia in people who are in their late stages of life. The policy statement formulated around the vulnerable adults outlined that maintenance of the patients health was at the focus of quality delivery of health care services. Each health providing facility’s dedication was on maintaining the dignity and privacy of their patients. The achievement of this heavily relies on ensuring that no possible avoidable harm comes to them. This macro policy realization was to be through trust committees charged with delivering reasonable accommodation for this special group of people. The most vulnerable in this case would be the elderly affected by dementia. Therefore, this made up the Macro policy regulating the code of practice around the provision of specialized care for them. As a micro policy, the Trust committee in East Lancashire’s responsibility was to oversee the latter implementation of the Macro policy. Certain mechanisms came in place to meet the requirements. Concerning accommodation, they have to make sure that each gender has its own place for accommodation to uphold privacy. These include same gender toilet and bathroom facilities other than the bed area. However, same gender interactions would only occur in specialized cases like intensive care and not under any other circumstance. This is subject to choice and preference of the patients and if ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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