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Literature Review Public healthcare is significant for a productive economy as it saves the country’s expenditure. Diseases pose a challenge to the development of a nation. Human papillomavirus has caused cancer around the globe. This has raised concerns on how to handle this problem so as to save life…
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Media influence on human papilloma virus (HPV) and vaccines
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Download file to see previous pages It can lead to cancer infection if the patient has stayed with the virus for a long time (Clifford, Rana, Franceschi, Smith, Gough & Pimenta, 2005). Active men and women can be infected with this virus in their lifetime. Media influence on human papilloma virus (HPV) and vaccines Bennett et al (2012) conducted a study on 143 college age women concerning their intentions to obtain the HPV vaccine. Participants were given a questionnaire, and the predictors showed positive attitudes towards the vaccine. The results indicated that personal beliefs were on the vaccine varied and that people who networked through social media increased their chances of getting vaccinated. This shows that women were able to share on vaccination through their social media networking which had an influence on the intentions on vaccination. Through the media, people are able to get informed and enlightened. They acquire information which may be relevant to their day to day life (Bennett et al 2012). Newspapers, television, and the Internet have enabled human beings to connect to each other. The world has become a small village since people can connect and share ideas and concerns. It is on this point, which the study revealed that college age women relate with each other through the social media. Human beings have the ability to share and open up to their loved ones. This may be relatives or friends. Such discussions had a significant influence on the aspect of having intentions for HPV vaccination. Women are associated with beauty of their skin and cannot be comfortable with slumps on their bodies (Jamison, Kaplan, Hamman, Eagar, Beach & Douglas, 1995). This shows that such college women, who may be at the prime of their beauty, will develop positive intentions towards this vaccination. Betsch et al (2012) has contributed on this subject of media influence. They indicate that a significant number of people access the Internet. Such people use the Internet to acquire information regarding their health. The health information may include vaccines. People interact and share information that may promote vaccination intentions. They use the Internet to communicate theories of effective vaccination. It indicates that media has become a source of information in regard to vaccination. The study reflected that some people become skeptical on the efficiency of vaccine preventable diseases such as HPV. People become worried as a result of the side effects that may come with this activity. Individuals need to be healthy so as to propagate the economy. According to Betsch et al (2012), situations where one is not well informed, the personality may keep off from vaccination. However, the study suggests that such individuals can get their solutions from the Internet. This information may influence their perspective on vaccination from negative to positive. The Internet has some anti-vaccination information which may affect users negatively (Jenkins & Wold, 2012). Therefore, the public health communicators should provide effective information, which would facilitate customized communication. This can help users to access the public health communication websites in an easier way. Useful information enables one to make a rightful decision in regard to vaccination (Palefsky, Gillison & Strickler, 2006). This illustrates that lack of information can have an influence on the choices that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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