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An Examination of Men in Nursing - Essay Example

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An Examination on Men in Nursing Abstract The purpose of this study is to find out as to why men join nursing, a profession that is not traditionally associated with men, the experiences that men go through while being in nursing and the problems they tend to encounter, including discrimination…
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An Examination of Men in Nursing
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Download file to see previous pages The other critical part in the paper is the literature review that focuses mainly on the studies and research conducted by varied scholars and researchers pertaining to the men serving in the nursing profession. Methodology happens to be the last part of this paper and it focuses mainly on the selected methods of data collection, methods of data analysis, the sample description and the limitations associated with the proposed research. Introduction The government, health care employers, professional nursing organizations and the academic institutions have a pivotal role to play in assuring that there is a continued supply of adequate and sufficient number of nurses in the health care system serving an ever aging population and an enhanced demand for health care services in the United States of America and other developed economies like Canada (LaRocco 2007:259). Currently the United States of America is facing a dire shortage of the nurses irrespective of the fact that the profession is critical for the society. This shortage of nurses has led to many men joining the nursing profession. ...
Irrespective of being a minority in the nursing profession, men have been noticed to bring a higher degree of comfort in varied aspects of patient care. Stereotyping is one of the major factors that have led to men being a minority in the nursing profession. Stereotyping has hitherto greatly influenced the number of men joining the nursing services (Hess-Biber and carter 2005). However, the reality is that men nurses have been there since the ancient times (Tranberger 2007). Yet, in the last two centuries, the ever growing demand for nurses has made it impossible for the traditionally white, female nurses to cater to this change. This has encouraged a rapid entry of men in the nursing services. History testifies to the fact that men can serve well as nurses, when given the opportunity and can in fact serve with distinction if given a chance to do so. This has also encouraged women to pursue medical courses in the medical schools. However, it has not been so in the past when the men were known to dominate the medical schools. Recent researches have shown that in future the shortage of nurses will exceed three times the current shortage maximum point (Auerbach et al 2007). Another research related with the same issue has shown that the projected shortage of nurses could be dealt with by allowing more men to enter the nursing profession. This could be achieved by encouraging more men to enter the nursing schools and to join the nursing profession. Women who constitute a majority in this profession ought to be encouraged to keep what has always been theirs, and should be expected to motivate their male counterparts to enter the nursing profession, and compete in this field that is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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