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Strategies for Improving Nursing Staff Recruitment and Retention - Research Paper Example

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Strategies for Improving Nursing Staff Recruitment and Retention
Nursing enrollment and retention is a impediment that the health institutions are enduring and their availability is essential in enabling the sustainability of life. …
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Strategies for Improving Nursing Staff Recruitment and Retention
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Download file to see previous pages This study did entail evaluation of the various techniques that will enhance the appreciation of this profession. It is evident enrollment in nursing is influenced by elements that are inside if not externally instigated. It was the objective of this study to examine these elements and present a comprehensive outlook of enrollment and retention of nursing personnel in the nursing occupation.
According to Castle and Longest (2006), nursing is one of the fundamental professions that are necessary to facilitate the healthy continuity of existence. It entails the additional medical services over the ones that are conducted by doctors. They comprise of the prime collection of health workforce and are liable for the medical transition of patients to better form after the doctor’s treatment and prescription. It is imperative that the health segment incorporates mechanisms that will enable the recruitment and maintenance of the nurses. Schmidt (2004) asserts that this entails the issuance of qualitative attendance by the nurses hence ensuring the patient acquires efficient care. However, the issuance of qualitative attendance by the health practitioners is doubtful following the vacancies of nursing personnel in the health institutions. A proportion of the public backlash is to the management organs of the nursing institutions for their laxity in ensuring they produce competent practitioners who are capable o handling the complications of their occupation (Schmidt 2004). The rationale that defines the objectives and principles of nursing requires being the motivation of health personnel and surpassing other interests. Problem Statement According to Castle and Longest (2006), the issue of nursing morale is becoming the highlight of the health sector. Numerous nurses are displaying their dissatisfaction with the policies and remuneration with the health sector by withdrawing their services when the patients are in dire need. Universally, nursing is undergoing critical shortages, which is undermining the “quality assurance” in the clinical services. Inadequate remuneration is a chief influence on their discontent in the health segment and remains a sensitive concern of that debate. Retention of nurses is becoming challenging to numerous health providers since they are experiencing low morale within the nursing employees. Improvement of enrollment and retention in nursing is vital for attainment of organizational goals and enable the advancement of health. This review is resulting from the increase in shortages of nurses in undertaking their tasks and is severally attributed to payment issues. This essay seeks to evaluate the various aspects that define morale in the occupation of nursing. Case report Health institutions and observers are insistent on increasing the self-esteem of health practitioners. Evidently, the input of nurses is significant in facilitating the enhancement of healthy living standards. Numerous researchers are examining the subject of nurses esteem owing to their significance in health dispensation. Their contribution is essential, in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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