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This paper “Comprehensive Assessment of Dementia” study describes a comprehensive assessment of a patient, discusses an intervention plan, and gives an overview of other factors that a registered nurse, who is a team leader, should consider…
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Comprehensive Assessment of Dementia
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Download file to see previous pages In order to develop an effective care plan for the patient, the following must be determined about the patient: Presenting Problem The nurse would collect information on the patient’s dementia, including signs and symptoms of the disease. Moreover, the nurse should identify the aspects of the patient’s life that have been affected by dementia (Smith and Buckwalter, 2005). History Information about the events prior to the dementia, and any records that may lead to a clear picture of underlying factors should be collected. For instance, these records would help to point out if the cause of the dementia is a factor that can be controlled or if the situation cannot be reversed (, 2010). Medical Status This would indicate if the patient has had any prior treatment for the condition, and if the condition has been improving, deteriorating, or has not been affected by the treatment. This would enable the nurse to decide if the patient needs alternative medication or needs to first complete the current regimen. Routine tests like haematology, thyroid function tests, biochemistry tests and serology should be used as indicators of physiological causes and results of the condition. Specific tests like memory assessment should point out the exact condition of the patient based on tests that indicate current body function; these tests include AMTS, MMSC, 3MS, and CASI (Teng and Chui, 2007). Day-to-Day Functioning This analysis helps to determine if the patient needs further supportive care in addition to medication, or medication is enough to get the patient to live independently and productively. For instance, the patient should be assessed for inconsistencies in cognitive function including poor judgment, memory lapses and loss of reasoning capacity (Gleason, 2003). Support A patient needs support from family and friends, religious and community groups, and from social care service institutions. The nurse has to determine if these stakeholders support the patient as is necessary to aid in the dementia control efforts (Shub and Kunik, 2009). The nurse can then incorporate participation of family and friends in order to accelerate and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of intervention measures. Evidence of Abuse or Neglect The patient should be assessed for any evidence of mistreatment, including identification of the nature of the mistreatment, if possible (Karlawish and Clark, 2003). This is important in that the patient is taken to an environment that does not expose them to abuse or neglect, which may worsen the condition. Detailed Care Plan to Guide Jack’s Care Interventions for patients with dementia are focused on three main pathologies of the condition; they include interventions for cognitive disorders, intervention for non-cognitive disorders, and interventions for emotional disorders. One or a combination of these interventions should be used depending on the condition of the patient. Interventions for Cognitive Symptoms These are divided into pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions; depending on the condition of the patient and underlying functions, the latter are the more recommended of these interventions. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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